Focusing Africa

Eminent Rights advocate, Mandy Sanghera to highlight plight of the African child in a digital summit with a diverse set of panelists.
Focusing Africa
Image by Manuela Milani from Pixabay.

If there is anything the current COVID19 pandemic has underscored is the need to protect vulnerable groups in our society and in every sphere of life, including health, economics as well as social well-being. Awareness and advocacy are the first and most fundamental steps that need to be taken in humanity’s fight against – not just the virus – but all the many shadow pandemics that hover above us.

Among the laudable initiatives carried out by changemakers, one is by eminent human rights advocate, Mandy Sanghera renowned for her efforts to ‘lifting people from the sticky floor.’

With a career spanning over three decades, at present Mandy has been fastidiously empowering communities all over the world with online chats and webinars as well as working on the ground with people suffering due to the pandemic. Having organized numerous webinars with stellar and diverse sets of panelists from all over the world, her aim has always been about bringing to light the impact and repercussions of different forms of oppression and violence especially with the new COVID19 context. Having previously wrapped up digital discussions on topics such as human trafficking and child safety during the coronavirus. Mandy has recently announced a new, deeply profound event focusing the African continent.

Focusing AfricaTitled, ‘Safeguarding Africa Amid the COVID19 Pandemic,’ the digital summit will be held on July 25th, 2020. Hosting a diverse and inclusive set of speakers from different African countries, the groundbreaking event aims to highlight the challenges Africa faces in protecting its children during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to alleviate the plight of communities, overcome the current economic and health crises and achieve sustainable development goals on the continent, Mandy envisions to increase awareness about the protection needs of the African children as well as other vulnerable groups through the summit.

Talking about her work and the event, Mandy says: “Inequalities have come to the surface like never before.  The immediate and long-term consequences of coronavirus pandemic are disproportionately impacting the lives of many who are vulnerable especially children, women and girls across the globe.”

The summit will focus on how to develop safe practices in working with African children; young people and families during the current scenario. In addition, it will engage both panelists and attendees to talk about triggering a debate at policy and practice levels on protecting children and young people in African communities and its potential impact on the child protection systems.

To register and for more details about the event, click here.

Zoom Details.

Panelists include:

Fatoumatta Bah – The Gambia

Christian Mudiwa – Zimbabwe

Sally Mboumien – Cameroon

Caleb Ng’ombo – Malawi

Gladys Wamwareu Muthara – Kenya

Jennifer Kayombo – Tanzania

Farah Achbabe – Morocco

Isaac Mkhize – South Africa

Auxiria Mwanza – Zambia

Joey Chima Matthew – Nigeria

Alia Mumuni – Ghana

Igweze Ifunanya – Ethiopia/Nigeria

Evelyn Chioma Joseph – Nigeria

Clare Ainomugisha – Uganda

Dinah Twumasi – Ghana

Mugisho Ndabuli – Congo


Main Image by Manuela Milani from Pixabay


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