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An Amazing Year At Ananke
What a year it has been...! As 2018 comes to an end and ushers in a new era of elightenment and empowerment, Team Ananke takes a meditative stroll down memory lane, reminiscing how women spearheaded groundbreaking movements, unshackled themselves from gender stereotype, and raised voice against injustice in unison! Indeed there are miles and miles to go before we achieve gender equality, dismantle conscious AND unconscious biases as well as rid ourselves of intolerence and violence but Time's Up, for change is here and the future is Female!

Presenting to you, are highlights of our work in the year past so a Happy New Year and here's to an empowered 2019.

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Collaboration is an essential part of empowerment. Ananke is proud and privileged to have forged amazing alliances with eminent human rights' advocates and global champions including Mandy Sanghera, Gladys Muthara, Suezern Wairungi, Liz Guantai and Mary Mshai. We envision these amazing women will keep on shining bright and help us lift others from the 'sticky floors'!
Team Ananke worked hard and published three amazing special editions featuring hard-hitting articles, in-depth stories and exclusive interviews celebrating Day of the Girl as well as marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and Human Rights Day. Click on the image to check out our publications on ISSUU!
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Ananke celebrated Women in Science Day in February 2018 by featuring an exclusive She Talks Tech series throughout the month; where visionary women from across the globe went Live on Facebook. These trailblazers not only talked about their work, challenges and successes, but also answered questions posted by audience.
In May 2018, we invited another batch of trailblazers to talk about the important role of Open Web in empowering women, and issues including cyber safety that curtailed access to ICTs, and the digital relam.
Check out some of Ananke's groundbreaking interviews and articles by the team and contributors available on the website.
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Ananke powered an amazing initiative #IBelieve #WeBelieve in collaboration with eminent Human Rights Advocate Mandy Sanghera to celebrate the Day of the Girl.
2019 Vision

Ananke, in collaboration with WomenInTechPK, officially launches its new cohort in January 2019 - an interactive, digital platform offering women and girls a training program focusing ICTs, 21stcentury skills, communications in real-world scenarios – ensuring their participation in the future of work, filling gaps in creative economy.

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