Cultures of Care: On Media and Gender

This is the last article of Ananke’s special series on Care Economy. Click to read the first and second articles. While the realm of fiction has been a playing field for feminist writers such as the Sub-continent’s Quratulain Haider, Ismat Chugtai, Kamla Das and renowned Arab author Nawal el Saadawi, media has ironically played a dismal role when it comes to empowerment, equality and women’s rights. A majority of population in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh live below the poverty line with millions remaining illiterate. That said, be it gender bias or the propagation of hegemonic norms, these customs have seeped into every nook and cranny of society through films and TV. From advertisements to teleplays, soaps and dramas … Continue reading Cultures of Care: On Media and Gender