Little Play, Big Talent!

Come discover, how little can be powerful. Short + Sweet Dubai 2016 is the largest festival of 10 minute plays in the world.
Wear Pink
Sit properly. Talk politely.
Study hard. Work harder.
Prosper. Get promoted.
Eat your greens.
Bend carefully.
Fall in love. Get married.
Brush your teeth.
Make babies.
Love, live.
Conversations, the beautiful ones.
The ones that define our lives and livings. The ones that leave an imprint on our minds.
Conversations between mothers are daughters, they are the loveliest of all. Aren’t they? Held over hair being plaited, glasses of milk, class projects; and later as we grow over shopping trips to the mall, cups of coffees, job interviews, diapers…

But in between, what if a mother fails her little girl?

Will a mother ever forgive herself for that? Will a daughter ever look up to her mum again?

A mum-daughter are to be best friends but what if their relation gets tainted with secrets.

Will they find a confidante, in each other, again?

This Saturday, February 6 at 3 pm at The Junction, find your answers as actors Sherry Dang Briet and Mandeep Walia stage Between Us, Daughter & Mother as part of the renowned, Short & Sweet Dubai 2016. Presented by Aish Outt Productions, and written and directed by Purva Grover, the founder & editor, The Indian Trumpet.

We, at The Indian Trumpet, are happy to be associated with this play.

And we look forward to having you there.

Wishing all the participants good luck, and see you in the audience!

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About Short + Sweet: SHORT+SWEET is a not for profit organisation registered in Australia that runs the largest festival of 10 minute plays in the world as well as educational workshops and training programmes throughout schools and the wider community. Short+Sweet Dubai, is back in its fourth successful year! The 2016 Short+Sweet Dubai Theatre Festival will be held at The Junction Theatre in Al Quoz and The Madinat Theatre @ the Souk Madinat from January 29th to March 11th, 2016. Over six jam-packed weeks, more than 250 of Dubai’s most exciting actors, writers, directors and Independent Theatre Companies will present over 80 10-minute plays. The festival will include something for everyone – comedy, drama, romance and thrillers – and all in just 10 minutes! Plays presented in the festival will include the best 10-minute plays from around the world as well as scripts by some of Dubai’s top playwrights, including some exciting new talent. The plays will be performed by actors from Dubai, other emirates – Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and international groups from India. To know more:

About The Junction: The Junction is a performing arts space made by performers for performers. They celebrate, support, and cater to all of Dubai’s local and regional talent. The place is a versatile space that can be home for all of the community’s performing artists and groups. The Junction was conceived of and built as a space (in 2015) where local and regional talent can thrive, where creators and performers can risk to be original, where collaboration and mutual development can occur, and where an appreciation for the arts can be cultivated into bigger audiences. To know more:


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