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Here at Ananke, we believe in inclusion and diversity, which is the reason our team consists of brilliant thinkers and change-makers.

Here at Ananke, we believe in inclusion and diversity, which is the reason our team consists of brilliant thinkers and change-makers.

Sabin Muzaffar is the driving force behind Ananke. Founder and Executive Editor of Ananke, Sabin has more than 20 years of experience in print and digital media. She has contributed to international media outlets such as Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Glassbreakers, BBVA OPENMIND and many more. Not only was she selected as UN Women’s Empower Women Global For Women’s Economic Empowerment 2015-2016 and as an Empower Women Mentor in 2016, Sabin was also selected as a World Pulse Vision Mentor in 2017. A Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor Alumni, Sabin has collaborated with the renowned organizations including UN Women’s Empower Women, US-based Meera Kaul Foundation, TAP Africa, Women’s Digital League, WomenInTechPk, CircleWomen.org to name a few. In 2014, Sabin launched Ananke in 2014 and is spearheading the organization’s flagship digital internship program. She has mentored more than 40 women and girls from all over the world and believes in creating conversations about inclusion in the digital realm.

Sabin can be reached at: Media@anankemag.com | Twitter: @critoe

Nuzhat Nisar

Nuzhat Nisar, Ananke’s Offshore Editorial Manager in Pakistan, is an academic writer, editor, and translator. She is currently associated with Paramount Books as an editor, working on school textbooks and curricula. Apart from an avid reader and book reviewer, her interests include flash fiction, short stories, and literary translation, aiming to make literature accessible to all.

She studied Urdu, Mass Communication, and Education at the University of Karachi and have a Masters in Political Science. She believes in promoting regional languages and equal opportunities for women in education. Her works and views have been published on various platforms including Ananke, Net Galley, Independent Urdu, Hamara Internet, Hum Sub, and Urdu News.

Nuzhat can be reached at: Twitter: @nuzhatnisar


Collaborating Partners

Ananke is proud to be a partner of a different agencies, non-profits as well as renowned Human Rights advocates including Mandy Sanghera, Gladys Muthara, Liz Guantai, Mary Mshai, Faiza Yousuf, Mehr F Husain, Kirthi Jayakumar.

Past Team Members

Melanie Bublyk, Ananke’s Human Rights Advisor, was chosen as an Empower Women Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment 2015/2016 and has also worked as an Empower Women Mentor 2016-2017. In addition to working with Seeds Theatre Group in Papua New Guinea, she is dedicated to advancing Women’s Rights. Previously the Editor-at-Large, at Ananke, Melanie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development, and a Masters degree in Human Rights with Curtin Universities Centre for Human Rights Education in Perth, Western Australia and received two letters of commendation for the same.

Chiamaka Adinnu, Ananke’s Offshore Correspondent in Nigeria, is a Food Scientist who’s passionate about gender advocacy and journalism. She has over 5 years of experience in high-level research and academic writing, with several awards to her name. Her work is focused on addressing issues relating to food insecurity and gender inequality and so, writes a monthly column on food insecurity. A contemporary youth activist and gender advocate, she currently writes for Ananke digital platform and also volunteers with several Non-profit organizations in rendering services to humanity. Chiamaka is also a voracious reader of all things book, in order to make for an informed opinion in her writings. As a long-term goal, she aims to engrave her name in the sands of time through her various writings.

Rochelle Dean is Regional Programme Manager – Americas (Programs, Partnerships & Special Projects). She is a certified project consultant and management consultant professional. Her path of study is economics with a focus on international development having co-chaired the indicators task force for the United Nation’s Beyond 2015 Campaign for the SDGs. She is an advocate for democratic processes and was the sole contributor of the amendments to the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2018, a bill hailed as the best policy decision by the Bahamas in decades by Moody’s. A former intern with the Borgen Project Rochelle has a passion for writing and the integration of legislative policy. She is a former columnist with the Tribune News Network where she wrote the series, Poverty Alleviation from an economic standpoint. She joined the team at Ananke as Senior Foreign Correspondent.

Claire Dangalan is an experienced writer and editor who has worked for prestigious media groups such as Gulf News and Friday Magazine. Previously a Features Editor here at Ananke, Claire, is a consummate lover of the arts, especially literature. She taught Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Humanities and Literature back in the Philippines. She currently freelances as a copywriter, ghostwriter, web content writer, blogger, and editor. Her interests, aside from writing, include the environment, health and fitness, culinary arts, social issues / social justice, studies on world view, and “unprofessional photography.” Claire is currently on a hiatus and contributes off and on in different human rights activities organized by Ananke.


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