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Ananke is a new media and development platform engaging women across the Global South. The entity strives to empower women via advocacy, awareness & education, focusing on initiating inclusive conversations in the digital realm.

About Ananke | Realizing an Inclusive Future

Ananke is a new media, publishing and development platform creating inclusive conversations in the digital realm. It was launched in 2014 as a digital media entity documenting women’s achievements, showcasing them as role models for aspiring women and girls to emulate. Expanding its vision over the years, the platform aims to highlight global issues and topics with a gender lens. At Ananke, we firmly believe effective democratic discourse is only possible through representation as well as diversity in media and publishing. Keeping this in mind, our focus lies in media development through mentorship, trainings and capacity building directly linked with freedom of expression, inclusion and transparency.

Our in-depth articles, news and interviews focus on issues including women’s health and well-being, gender equality, women in tech, inclusion and sustainability, safety, climate change, education, care work and more.

The platform also publishes special editions on special occasions, our previous works have focused topics including: Day of the Girl, Women’s Day and Women’s Economic Empowerment. These digital editions can be viewed on the ISSUU platform.

Ananke’s flagship program, Empower, is a digital internship and capacity building initiative launched in 2016. The program has trained and mentored more than 75+ girls from all over the world including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Cameroon, Morocco, Pakistan, India, the UAE, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Russia, Australia, Bahamas and more.

The platform has been nominated twice by the World Summit on Information Society Prizes (2019 & 2020) for its digitally inclusive work on gender. Apart from the official website and digital editions published on ISSUU, Ananke has also launched its YouTube channel.

Additionally, under the umbrella of Ananke Labs, the organization has successfully organized numerous online and offline events including Twitterchats, IBMZ bootcamps, ICT workshops and Ananke’s Girl Summit, which welcomed 300 guests on October 29th, 2020, at the MENA and Subcontinent regions’ first ever digital event focusing the girl child. The event was not only largely attended by women and girls, 99 percent of the guest speakers were women. The Girl Summit hosted more than 30 breakout sessions, panel discussion, chat held simultaneously throughout the day on a virtual venue (HOPIN) for largely female attendees.

Ananke has most recently celebrated yet another (soft) launch of its new digital space – a collective – titled Ananke Women in Literature Foundation and can be viewed here.

Vision | Celebrating Visionary Women by Creating HERstories

Ananke’s aim is to encourage women’s economic empowerment by raising awareness about the importance of  equal participation in the technology revolution. The platform also strives to trigger as well as engage in conversations focusing inclusion and gender in every sphere of society in digital space. Most importantly, Ananke offers a wide array of capacity building and leadership programs with a vision to create a talent-pool of female trailblazers.

Ananke’s Flagship Program

Ananke’s digital internship is a program offering training and mentorship to aspiring women and girls from all over the world. Offering access to safe digital space, the initiative enables interns to work in a virtual environment and offers online workshops in the fields of communication, ICTs & new technologies, advocacy and digital journalism.

Ananke’s digital internship program started with one participant from Morocco in 2016 and has so far mentored and trained over 40 girls from Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, UAE, US, Morocco, Australia and many more. For our 2019 cohort, we received more than 100 applications in just 20 days from all over the world. The final cohort comprised of 18 girls from China, Belarus, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Belarus, Nigeria, Russia, Denmark, and Bangladesh.  Ananke’s digital internship program not only aims at leveraging tech to empower women by offering access, meaningful engagement and safe online space; our program is a celebration of inclusive diversity in the digital realm as it works with an intersectional approach.

Following their journey, our girls have gone on to be selected as UN Women’s Empower Women Champions For Change, TechWomen and an MIT Solver etc.

Key Focus Areas

The platform focuses on four main areas with a vision to transform aspiring women and girls into changemakers and future leaders, participating in modern, knowledge-based society.

Access: The platform offers a digital space where girls engage in meaningful dialogue on issues with a gender lens and learn the importance of diversity and inclusion. Participating interns work in real-world scenarios in real-time.

Research: Ananke’s interns have access to our large database of in-depth stories, articles, research work and interviews on gender, the SDGs, leveraging tech for good & more, developed and produced by field experts.

Skills: Selected participants work in a diversified virtual environment and are assigned team- or individual-based projects pertaining to digital media, women’s issues, gender equality, journalism, ICTs and much more. Mentorship is another key part of our program and are connected with mentors through Ananke’s partnerships with organizations like WomeninTechPk (a community of 7000+ tech leaders), Women’s Digital League, Circle Women and Women Engineers Pakistan. They also get an opportunity to watch female leaders talk about their journey through our VIMEO Channel Power Talk.

Leadership: Through Ananke’s program, women and girls are given an opportunity to hone their skills through critical thinking, use of digital technologies, 21st century skills, capacity and confidence building, peer mentoring, working as teams and much more. A diverse environment helps them gain confidence and acquire a very broad vision.

Ananke’s Media Kit 2021

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