Interns At Work

Proudly presenting some of Ananke's past interns.

Maha Tazi was Ananke’s very first intern. Maha Tazi is a Ph.D. candidate in the Communication Studies program at Concordia University who specializes in research-creation and women’s studies. She is interested in women’s artivism and creative disobedience in post-Arab Spring North Africa. Her current research focuses on women’s visual art, theatre, slam poetry, graffiti, rap and political cartoons in contemporary Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. Maha is currently working on an audiovisual production called “19” which features interviews with 19 Moroccan women victims of gender-based violence during the CO-VID 19 pandemic where she combines photography, sound and video effects. Previously, Maha worked on art photography project to raise awareness about the backlash against women’s rights in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, as well as on a slam poetry project where she reflects, through her own experiences, on Moroccan immigrant women’s lack of sense of belonging to both their country of origin and the host country because of the double burden of sexism at home and racism abroad. Passionate about the arts and culture, she recently founded M’ARTSY, an initiative that brings together street artists and researchers in Morocco to advocate for social justice.

Zena Kipkenda is a student at the University of Pennsylvania who is passionate about women’s issues. Talking about her experience, she says: “I find the work I do at Ananke to be very fulfilling as I am able to explore my interest in women’s issues and at the same time gain worthwhile experience on online journalism.”

Samantha Moreno is writing and travelling enthusiast. She started working in the media field as a cultural reporter in her country, Colombia. She moved to Australia to study International Relations and Journalism at the University of Queensland, where she became a volunteer at the Community radios: 4EB and 4ZZ in Brisbane. Now, as a mentor of the project Ekpapalek she contributes by empowering Latin American students to pursue their professional dreams. Samantha is an intern of Ananke Magazine. Here she has had the opportunity to engage in global conversations by initiating campaigns on social media. She is currently developing a project on Female Journalists’ challenges and success in Asia: to give a voice for women on how to be informants of our rights through media channels.

TerryRuth Wanjiku Muriithi is a student at Daystar University, Kenya, pursuing a Masters degree in Communications. Possessing a Bachelors degree in Applied Communications, with a specialization in corporate communication, Terry has an eye for detail and strives to empower society by striving to raise awareness through the power of the written word.

Edith Macharia is a BSc in Botany and Zoology from the University of Nairobi and a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPA(K)). She is a Communication and Research specialist and has deep interests in matters of governance, women’s rights, environmental conservation and climate change. Championing gender equality in her community and even beyond through advocacy; Edith believes both men and women can flourish when given a chance and opportunity to achieve their potential. She is a writer and blogs at

 Victoria Chidimma Okoye is from South East Nigeria. A graduate of English Language from University of Abuja, she is passionate about women empowerment. Advocating gender equality, she lives to see a fair world with justice for all. She loves reading, writing, cooking and listening to people especially women in difficult situations.

Josephine Adeti Otieno lives in Kenya and is an engineering student. Passionate about writing, she likes engaging in activities concerning women empowerment. Josephine’s hobbies include writing, travelling, reading novels and interacting with people from different backgrounds. Talking about Internship program, she says: “I am positive interning with Ananke will help me view the world from a much more developed perspective.” She has also interned for  (an Ananke Internship collaborator) and has more recently been selected as UN Women’s Empower Women Global Champion for Change 2016-2017.

Aderonke Egbedun is from Southwestern part of Nigeria. A trained teacher, she is a passionate environmentalist and caregiver. Aderonke strives to be a voice of hope, seeking liberty and fulfilment for every woman and girl child.

Garnet Achieng Oballa is a Kenyan living in Turkey where she is pursuing a course in Turkish Language and Culture at Gazi University. She enjoys writing a lot. She writes for Maverick Youth (an online site where young people across the world write opinion articles). She loves to read good books from feminist writers like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Ijeoma Umebinyuo. Garnet aspires to be a journalist and a filmmaker.

Sarah Hassan resides in Lahore, Pakistan where she works as a Principal Software Engineer in a local software firm. She has both BSc. and Masters in Computer science from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Sarah has passion for reading, writing and travelling. She believes there is dearth of working women in technical fields like engineering and Information Technology especially after mid-career level and would love to empower women so that they can work in such industries. Sarah has also interned for  (an Ananke Internship collaborator) and has more recently been selected as UN Women’s Empower Women Global Champion for Change 2016-2017.

Mardiya Siba Yahaya lives in Accra, Ghana. She believes equality is a basic human right and women should not be deprived of it due to social norms. She has volunteered as a social media manager at Maverick Youth; and has worked on a youth empowerment program and Rethink Accra (a Tedx Accra event). Apart from being a writer and a women’s rights advocate, Mardiya loves arts and poetry. She will soon be joining African Leadership University (Mauritius) to pursue a degree in Social Sciences.

Habiba Wael Hamouda is an Egyptian living in Dubai. She has a BSc Computer Science from Heriot Watt University, Edinburg. Habiba loves developing new ideas and interacting with people from different backgrounds. She is an active participant in programming and hackathons-related events. Habiba will soon be launching an e-commerce website.



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