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Ananke’s Flagship Program

Ananke’s digital internship is actually a capacity-building program offering training and mentorship to aspiring women and girls from all over the world. Offering access to safe digital space, the initiative enables interns to work in a virtual environment and offers online workshops in the fields of communication, ICTs & new technologies, advocacy and digital journalism.

Ananke’s digital internship program started with one participant from Morocco in 2016 and has so far mentored and trained over 50 girls from Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, UAE, US, Morocco, Australia and many more. For our 2019 cohort, we received more than 100 applications in just 20 days from all over the world. The final cohort comprised of 18 girls from China, Belarus, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Belarus, Nigeria, Russia, Denmark, and Bangladesh.  Ananke’s digital internship program not only aims at leveraging tech to empower women by offering access, meaningful engagement and safe online space; our program is a celebration of inclusive diversity in the digital realm as it works with an intersectional approach.

Following their journey, our girls have gone on to be selected as UN Women’s Empower Women Champions For Change, TechWomen and an MIT Solver etc.


Enlist in Ananke’s flagship internship programs.

What We Seek

  • Passionate & dedicated
  • Good English
  • Creativity
  • Dedicate one hour per day to work
  • Permission letter from parents for students under 18 years
  • Your CV along with a 200-300 words essay and cover letter on why you would like to intern for Ananke, send in your submissions to
  • ANYONE (Female) from ANYWHERE can apply!


  • Online training from experts of the field
  • Work from the comfort of your home
  • Get a chance to work in a professional environment
  • Certificate of Participation (to be given on completion of the program)
  • Letter of recommendation (to be given on completion of the program)
  • Interns who excel will see their work showcased on the website and Ananke’s social media platforms.

Program Focus Areas

  • Journalism (includes but not limited to: reporting, article/feature writing, editing, creating online campaigns, social media etc)
  • Communication
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Media
  • Cyber Safety

To be considered for the program, fill in the form below and email a 300-word cover letter detailing why would you like to intern for Ananke to

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