Data Boards

Ananke' Data Boards are data driven dashboards curated from authentic data sources on Gender.

Ananke Labs is proud to unveil Data Boards; a gallery of unofficial, smart, data driven dashboards developed from information, statistics and data curated from authentic sources such as Dubai Pulse, GSMA, UN Statistics Division, US Open Data and more.

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This indicator captures individuals’ work burden, both paid and unpaid. Measuring unpaid work helps to expose the full range of possible economic contributions, including the home production of goods and services. It also exposes women’s disproportionate unpaid work burden.Measuring unpaid work is also essential to ensure the effectiveness of women’s empowerment programs.

Literacy Rate by Gender

Literacy rate based on age groups & divided by gender. This study looks closely at gender based on literacy rate. Data is available for different countries so we can drive dynamic comparison for women’s development.

Global Internet Inclusion Report.


Global Labour Force Participation Rate By Gender – Based on OECD statistics.

This data looks at the number of bureaucrats in Pakistan, employed from grade 1 to 22, divided by gender, for all provinces: Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Balochistan. This study closely looks at the quantitative gender variation in the government sector. The data is available for all provinces, so a better provincial comparison is drawn for the same time period, in terms of women’s development.














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