WolTech creates ripples of women’s empowerment

Entrepreneurship Bus Event Making Waves for Women in Tech.

Tunisia, Oct 3rd, 2017: WoLTech association recently organized an innovative event within its mentoring program the Tunisia Mentoring Council (TMC). The event, Entrepreneurship bus, is intended for mentees and mentors of TMC and has been achieved through efforts of a great team of WoLTechers led by Noura Ghali, WoLTech Vice President. Organizers and participants drove up until the beautiful coastline of Mahdia,Tunisia as part of the empowering trip.

The Tunisian Mentoring Program is the first of its kind in the country and specifically targets women in Tech. Considered a huge event by the TMC, the Entrepreneurship Bus enables female technologists to share ideas, interests and experiences with the objective of pushing towards sustainable empowerment and gender equity in the Tech sector.

The Entrepreneurship bus is no ordinary vehicle but one that acts as a hub or a co-creation space for TMC mentors, mentees and advisors. While on the bus, women map out their projects, plans, and strategies as well as reinforce mentoring relationships. Lots of exciting activities are undertaken such as extensive workshops in team building, soft skills, pitching and entrepreneurial coaching.

In addition, participants enjoy beach activities; nights chat and free style events.

According to the entity: “WoLTech owes many thanks to the Tunisian US Embassy, which has sponsored the Entrepreneurship Bus; and looks forward to additional cooperative work to empower women in technology in Tunisia.”

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