RED TENT AUSTRALIA: Connect, Support, Empower!

Melanie Bublyk chats with Jill Genet about fostering social connection and empowerment for women through the non-profit organization.

Red Tent Australia was founded in 2013 by Jill Genet, with the goal of ensuring that women have a circle of support. Her hope was to educate, awaken and enlighten women to their power, strength and natural gifts. In 2015, a group of volunteers came together to help Jill start Red Tent Australia, a platform that connects and engages women. It was set up as a Non-Profit with the goal of opening Red Tent branches all over Australia. There are now 28 branches in operation in the states of QLD and NSW.

Historically, women have and do thrive in social groups. When women are deprived of social connections they yearn for healing, lightness, interaction and consistent support. In Western societies, women are often isolated and disconnected from crucial social connections. It has been suggested in a ground-breaking UCLA  study, that the social ties forged between women are distinct. The study suggests that females are more likely to mobilise social support, especially from other females, in times of stress. They seek it out more, they receive more support, and they are more satisfied with the support they receive. These connections often play a central role in shaping who we are and who we are yet to be. Evidence suggests that females create, maintain, and utilise these social groups, especially relations with other females, to manage stressful conditions. Red Tent Australia provides women with that space to connect with other women without judgment, without feeling the need to conform and to help shed the feelings of isolation by enabling each woman to be themselves.

Jill Genet

Explaining the origins of Red Tents, Jill says: “Historically, women who were menstruating would spend their days and nights in Red Tents, it was a place where women nurtured each other, they shared their stories and listened to the wisdom of other women. Our goal is to create a sacred circle where women gather and face each other knowing they won’t be judged, but supported.” Red Tent Australia aims to bring back the powerful connections that were once created during these historical red tents.

Red tents provide an opportunity for women to be educated, awakened and enlightened to their power, strength and natural gifts. Red tents foster empowerment and encourage women to discover their inner strength, the end result is renewed hope for a better tomorrow and that is precisely the energy needed to create change. Red Tent welcomes women of any age and gatherings help women go through many life transitions, from puberty, marriage or separation and motherhood, to menopause and beyond. Red Tent Australia is a member-based organisation open to anyone who identifies as female and there is also a membership category for businesses with the intention to grow an alternative economy.

Jill believes that “in order for women to become purposeful beings who can effectively nurture and support others, it is imperative that they themselves are supported and nurtured.” Red Tent strives to keep events at a very low cost, ensuring it is inclusive of women from all backgrounds.

The organization actively seeks sponsors and partners in order to be able to offer events for free to marginalised women and girls. Each one of their facilitators achieves thorough and life changing training by Jill and are then supported in the opening and management of their own branch under the Red Tent Australia umbrella. Jill’s vision for Red Tent Australia is to have a branch in every neighbourhood and for the RTA movement to be as well-known as the Lions or Rotary Associations.

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