Female Emirati Mountaineer sets her sights on a new record

Dedicated to The Year of Zayed, AlHashmi and team mate Tima Deryan, together aim to climb Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia.
Hanady Alhashmi

August 30th, 2018, Abu Dhabi (UAE): As the UAE celebrates Emirati Women’s Day on the 28th of August, Quest Arabiya has made it its endeavor to champion the two female climbers who aim to conquer the fifth of the seven highest mountains in the world, making them a step closer to their ultimate objective of achieving the seven summits.

One of the ‘Seven Peaks’ Hanady Alhashmi, the first Emirati Woman to reach the top of the highest peak in North America – Denali, and Tima Deryan, the first Lebanese to Summit the highest active volcano – Ojos del Salado, will continue to push their limits as they attempt to scale Oceana’s highest mountain – Cartensz Pyramid, which stands at 4,884m tall (35 times the height if the Great Pyramid of Giza).

In an expedition made possible by Quest Arabiya, the two climbers will complete the challenge in two weeks, from the 15-27 September, and will be live documenting their journey on @QuestArabiya social media channels. Alhashmi said ahead of the expedition: “It is such a privilege to undertake this climb and do it in celebration of The Year of Zayed. We are two women who believe in challenging ourselves and recognize the power and need for self-belief, tolerance and ambition when climbing, all of which are values of the late Sheikh Zayed and the UAE.”

Alhashmi aims to be the first Emirati woman to climb all of the Seven Summits, one of the world’s toughest feats

Known for supporting adventure and enabling the regions youth, the Arabic-language Factual Entertainment channel, Quest Arabyia will be closely following the progress of these two mountaineers   and the challenges they will overcome to make their dream come true. Their journey will then be aired in the channels weekly magazine show Etla Barra.  Etlaa Bara showcases the thrill-seekers of the region and explore the different outdoor and extreme sports destinations available here.

Support the first female Emirati to achieve the  seven summits by following and sharing her journey on @QuestArabiya between September 15 to 27. The journey will be document as a segment on the channels Etla Barra before end of October.

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