Women More Successful on Stock Exchange – Higher Returns With 56% Fewer Trades

Annual stock market returns in 2019 for women 24.1%
Women More Successful on Stock Exchange - Higher Returns With 56% Fewer Trades

Women on average achieve greater returns on the stock market than men. Last year, for example, female investors achieved profits of 24.1%, while their male counterparts brought in 23.5%. This is shown in a new infographic from Kryptoszene.de. Large differences are also apparent in the volume of trades. While women carry out an average of 7.6 share trades per year, the figure for men is 17.7.

Men are more inclined to invest in individual shares, while women are more inclined to invest in funds and ETFs. The proportion of such individual stocks in the overall portfolio is 53.47% for women investors, while for male traders it is 60%.

Men achieved 23.5%

Female traders make 56% fewer trades

Men take on higher risks

As the infographics point out, there are various factors leading to women’ success in terms of financial investment. According to the graph, men tend to overestimate themselves and take high risks. Moreover, male investors rely more on their own knowledge and neglect the advice of experts.

Overall, women act more cautiously. This cannot least be seen in the trust they place in assets that are less susceptible to fluctuations. The proportion of women in the Bitcoin community is just 12.28%.

“The topic of finance is still often dominated by men,” according to cryptoscene analyst Raphael Lulay. “Various surveys reveal that women invest even more successfully. The keys to their success are patience and a broad capital spread – it seems that successful investment is a marathon rather than a sprint.”

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