Ananke’s longstanding ally The Gender Security Project on board as Girl Summit event partner

Partnership envisions making impactful contributions together.
Ananke’s longstanding allies The Gender Security Project on board as Girl Summit event partner

September 20th, 2021, (Dubai UAE): Creating an impactful digital space focusing inclusive dialogue, Ananke’s long standing ally, digital platform The Gender Security Project has come on board as event partner for the upcoming Ananke Girl Summit.

Ananke Girl Summit is this fall’s top transformative virtual summit focused on enabling girls to be the architects of social change vis-à-vis digital empowerment, a mutually inclusive theme with that of UNICEF’s International Day of the Girl 2021.

Ananke, a digital media and development platform, engaged in providing opportunities for female empowerment through awareness and advocacy is gearing up for its second round of the Girl Summit on October 30th, 2021, Saturday. Held on Zoom Conference with a Facebook live stream (, Ananke’s flagship event aims to involve diverse audiences. The summit will be a one,  full day event and consists of interactive presentations addressing key themes relevant to our world today. These include Education, Gender Equality, Creative Economy, Climate Change, Digital Rights & Cyber Safety, Disaggregated Gender Data and Mental Health.

The Gender Security Project (GSP), Ananke’s longstanding ally, is a digital platform with a focus on gender, security, justice, and peace through research, reportage, and documentation. Operating from The Global South, the initiative aims at centering voices, scholarship, research, and reportage from the global south within the contexts of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda and Feminist Foreign Policy.

The GSP’s vision and mission include centering the global south in the WPS Agenda and Feminist Foreign Policy fields, expand the scope of extant research and strategies through an intersectional lens as well as influence the WPS Agenda through global south-led voices, narratives, research, and documentation.

Speaking about their participation, Founder The Gender Security Project, Kirthi Jayakumar said: “We’re SUPER excited for this time of the year because it only means one thing: our collaboration with Ananke for the International Day of the Girl. We’re very glad for the opportunity to partner with the brilliant minds at Ananke to envision, create, and strive toward making impactful contributions together.”

“I am ecstatic to have The Gender Security Project on board as our event partner. It is a privilege to have an entity like the GSP which is not only innovative but drives impactful conversations and initiates much needed dialogue through the lens of equality, intersectionality, peace and social justice,” commented Ananke’s Executive Editor, Sabin Muzaffar.

The Girl Summit will showcase three new segments, conceived by the GSP founder Kirthi Jayakumar, which will be executed and produced collaboratively.

In the segment, Through the Looking Glass Sessions , GSP and Ananke will invite five women leaders in their worlds of work where each of them will be asked to shoot a video of a day at their workplace. Each women leader will be requested to shoot the video on a phone camera in landscape mode. They can use a selfie-stick or have someone shadow them. The video will chronicle the start of their workday, some key highlights in their workday, and the end of their day. This can all be individual video segments of a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 10 minutes each. It will look at how they work, how they interact with their team (if applicable) or what their creative process looks like. Videos would be sent to Ananke or GSP by October 10th max.

The second segment Ask a Sister entails the two organizations inviting five women to participate in this: each in a particular topic area. Each woman will be the lead “Sister” in a Zoom room. It will have no more than 20 participants. There will be one moderator from GSP / Ananke. The participants can ask the Sister questions. Sessions will not be recorded or broadcast and will be confidential. These sessions can take place during speaking session breaks. Topics include Menstrual health, Mental health, Social Media Pressure, Building Confidence, Handling peer pressure

A feminist quiz will have 10 Teams of three. Each team must have a unique name with participants from anywhere in the world. The quiz will take place on Zoom and live-streamed on Ananke’s Facebook page. The participants must identify a way to communicate among themselves: For example, they can have a separate Zoom room of their own choice on another device / a WhatsApp group / Google Meet room, etc., to discuss and submit answers. The quiz will last for 45 minutes. Questions will only be specific to feminist reading, movies, literature, pop culture, and trivia. The winner gets a social media spotlight IF they feel comfortable.  Participate in the quiz by emailing at with the subject: Feminist Quiz

Join Ananke on October 30th, 2021, to see changemaking in action!

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