Call for Papers for Rubina Saigol Research Award Announced

The Award is intended to honour and carry on the work of notable Pakistani scholar.
Call for Papers for Rubina Saigol Research Award Announced

Lahore (Pakistan): On the occasion of Dr. Rubina Saigol’s first birth anniversary, Lahore Education and Research Network (LEARN) announced the Rubina Saigol Research Award – Call for Papers. The Award is intended to honour and carry on the work of notable scholar Rubina Saigol and to encourage continued research contributions on thematic areas pioneered by Dr. Saigol herself.

A widely respected, Pakistani feminist scholar, Rubina Saigol was an educationalist and women’s rights activist. She authored and edited several books and papers in English and Urdu. Her scholarly work explored the themes of gender, education, nationalism, the state, ethnicity, religious radicalism, terrorism, feminism and human rights. She passed away in August 2021 after contracting COVID19.

LEARN is a capacity building and research network based in Lahore that works in unison with other institutions and individuals on a collaborative model basis. Not many people know that Rubina Saigol was the earliest advisors & founding pillars of LEARN. In fact, she was the one who even proposed the name for it.

LEARN in their tweet said, “Dr. Saigol had the ability to identify contradictions, tensions, conflicts, push and pull factors, binaries resulting from issues at hand and to place them in the broader lens of history in an easy to understand format and language. We encourage this approach.”

Nida Usman Chaudhary, founder of LEARN while explaining the reason behind this endeavor said, “Our desire is to encourage young scholars to pursue the research areas that Dr. Saigol had pioneered in. In this way we hope to carry on the struggle and take her legacy forward.”

Articles are invited on three thematic areas:

  1. State and Citizen
  2. Knowledge and Identity
  3. Feminism/Feminist History


The due date for submitting Abstracts is March 8, 2022.

Articles must be original, written from a socio, political, legal or anthropological lens. Intersectional approach towards issues is encouraged. Fluidity and lucidity of language is also encouraged.

Submissions welcome and open to the whole world. All submissions shall be peer-reviewed.

For queries, please contact

Dr. Saigol’s work can be accessed here for reference:


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