CaterpillHERs 12-week Career Accelerator Program in Pakistan Launched

The organization  aims to improve women’s participation and representation in Pakistan’s professional labor workforce.
CaterpillHERs a 12-weeks Career Accelerator Program in Pakistan Launched

Jan 12th, 2022, (Karachi, Pakistan): CaterpillHERs has launched the first-ever career accelerator program where participants meet and network with powerful and inspiring women from all over the world coming together to up-skill and accelerate their careers.

CaterpillHERs is an entrepreneurship and career accelerator for women that provides a world-class curriculum vetted by experts, 1:1 high-touch coaching and mentorship, and an action-packed yet flexible learning experience to help women build and scale their businesses and careers.

The organization aims to improve women’s participation and representation in Pakistan’s professional labor workforce and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem through its acceleration programs that provide them access to curriculum, training, support network, and mentorship to build and scale their businesses and careers.

The 12-week career accelerator is an ideal program for women to receive a world-class curriculum vetted by top freelancers, one-on-one coaching, and connections to potential clients and top employers around the globe. Women and girls can apply from anywhere in the world, provided they have access to the Internet, and are proficient in English language.

The organization’s local and international coaches as well as mentors possess decades of experience running companies, working at top firms, delivering products/services to market, building teams, and managing risk. Most importantly, they are committed to guiding and supporting women through their journey.

Talking about the program, Faiza Yousuf, Product Management Expert, Founder – WomenInTechPK, Cofounder – CodeGirls, said: “After running CodeGirls for over three3 years, I think career acceleration was the next logical step for me. We know that women have an affordability problem and are the most impacted demographic due to the current pandemic. Hira and I wanted to bring in something that is affordable and is targeted towards early and mid-level female professionals. Freelancing is the first track we have launched and we want to make sure that we do the best possible job in helping women find excellent work and learning opportunities.

“CaterpillHERs was started in 2019 with the mission to help and support women. In 2020, we launched Pakistan’s first equity-free online entrepreneurship accelerator exclusively for women and implemented a global GSBI methodology to help them scale their businesses with the help of our partners in the Bay Area. After graduating 35+ startups from our entrepreneurship accelerator and impacting 65k+ lives, Career Acceleration is our next step to help women in Pakistan build and scale their careers. The urban female labor force participation in Pakistan is among the lowest in the world, i.e. only 10 % and with our 12-weeks cohort-based programs, we aim to teach women skills that are required to up-level their career path and encourage them to work.” concluded Hira Saeed, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder – CaterpillHERs.


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