Ananke announces the second edition of its successful flagship event Women in Literature Festival 2022

With the theme, Rethinking Paper, Ink & Gender, AnankeWLF2022 will be held on March 31 – April 1st.
Ananke announces the second edition of its successful flagship event Women in Literature Festival 2022

After the resounding success of the pilot edition of Ananke’s Women in Literature Festival (WLF2021) in 2021, the Dubai-based organization officially announces plans to hold the second round of the event in March this year.

The two-day, digital (online) event, from March 31st to April 1st, offers a unique window not just into women’s lived as well as imagined experiences, it opens up dialogue on publishing and the written word at the intersections of gender, feminist literary activism, innovation, biases, disabilities and sustainability.

Conversations focusing gender and its interplay with language evolved over time through individuals’ engagement and interaction with socio-political and economic structures of society.  The event, with the theme Rethinking Paper, Ink & Gender, seeks to explore how differences between genders render an individual’s verbal skills, socializations, aesthetic, ethical as well as moral development and how that has been interpreted and translated into the written word by a diverse set of writers.

Talking about the event, confirmed speaker and collaborator, Arpita Das of Yoda Press, Senior Writing Fellow and Visiting Faculty at Ashoka University, and a Board Member of PublisHer, said: “Ananke’s Women in Literature Festival is a splendid opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with book women and women in writing from across the global south. It is an event where women think together and hold forth not just about their experiences in the literary world but also reflect upon how the world of words can be made more genuinely diverse and inclusive. I find myself looking forward to it every year.”

Moving deeper into dialogue, the event also envisions to explore, interpret, understand as well as acknowledge the existence of a diverse range of feminisms which are equally valid. This is perhaps an attempt at undoing some of the errors of older privileged dominant caste and class feminists who chose to speak (or write) for everyone and subsume diverse experiences in their own, hence ending up rendering them invisible.

This time around, the Women in Literature Festival will welcome experts who will shed light on how innovation and sustainability in publishing can not just help the world we live in by reducing carbon footprint but how independent – and otherwise – publishers can grow, scale and sustain their business as well as align with readers and customers’ wishes.

Sabyn Javeri, Senior Lecturer of Writing, Literature and Creative Writing at New York University, Abu Dhabi and author of ‘Hijabistan’ Nobody Killed Her said: “Platforms like Ananke are important and much needed as they provide a platform for women and the marginalized to voice their stories. It brings together people from all walks of life, creating a truly diverse and inclusive space to not only share our stories but also instill the belief that our stories matter that our voices deserve to be heard. Speaking up is the first step towards empowerment!”

The event will be livestreamed on Ananke’s Facebook page with the option of attending the festival via Zoom as well. Zoom registrations will commence on March 1st, 2022.

Organizing partners and collaborators include (in alphabetical order) Readomania, Seagull Books, Zubaan Books, Zuka Books, Ala Books and Authors with confirmed guests: Dr. Amina Yaqin, Annie Zaidi, Arpita Das, Kehkashan Khalid, Kirthi Jayakumar, Musharraf Ali Farooqi, Naveen Kishore, Nilanjan Bhowmick, Mehr F Husain, Mina Malik, Myriam Tadasse, Saba Karim Khan, Sabyn Javeri, Sana Malik, Samit Basu, Taiba Abbas, Usman T Malik, Wanjikū Wa Ngūgī and more.

Watch this space for more updates on confirmed speakers and partners.

Sub Themes/topics:

  1. Movement, migration and the refugee status – (no country – home – for women?)
  2. Women translating genders, social structure, hegemony
  3. Innovation, digital denizens and the written word
  4. Publishing: Innovate, Sustain, Scale
  5. Writing Women in History as a Form of Subversion
  6. Women in Academic Writing
  7. On Labels, Feminisms & Cancel Culture Vis-a-Vis Feminist Literary Activism
  8. Publishing and the Metaverse
  9. New Media and Women
  10. On the Politics of Language and the Concept of Linguistic Identity

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Hashtag: #AnankeWLF #WLF2022

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