Ananke Welcomes Kitaab as Women in Literature 2024 Event Partner

The Singapore-based literary magazine aims to showcase the rich tapestry of narratives from Asian writers across the Global South through the collaboration.
Ananke Welcomes Kitaab as Women in Literature 2024 Event Partner
Image Credit: Keemiya Creatives

Ananke, a new media and development platform focusing on initiating inclusive conversations about gender and the Global South, welcomes Kitaab as event partner for its flagship Women In Literature Festival. The digital event will showcase a plethora of conversations that spark impact and mobilize change. The festival aims to initiate disccusions and dialogue that give rise to positive narratives. The digital festival is a flagship event of Ananke’s Women in Literature Foundation.

Kitaab is a Singapore-based literary magazine, aimed at connecting Asian writers to global readers. It provides a writing and publishing platform to emerging and seasoned writers from the region to express themselves creatively.

Kitaab aims to help readers avoid information overload which is the curse of the information age. With a carefully curated list of write ups hosted on their site, Kitaab is one stop destination for lovers of Asian writing. Kitaab also has a publishing arm through which they bring out thought-provoking titles by Asian writers.

Through their YouTube channel Kitaab TV, they aim at creating meaningful cinema, short-films with social messages, engaging conversations with authors and literary discussions at large.

Ananke Welcomes Kitaab as Women in Literature 2024 Event Partner

Image Credit: Keemiya Creatives

Talking about the partnership, Editor Kitaab, Namrata said: “As the Editor of Kitaab, I am immensely thrilled about our collaboration with the prestigious Ananke Women in Literature Festival this year. At Kitaab, our mission has always been to bridge cultures and connect writers from Asia to a global audience. This collaboration with Ananke WLF represents a significant step forward in achieving that goal.”

“Our partnership with Ananke WLF amplifies the voices of women writers from the global south and provides a platform for their stories to be heard on an international stage. It is a testament to our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in literature.”

“Through this collaboration, we aim to showcase the rich tapestry of narratives from women writers from the global south, highlighting their unique perspectives, experiences, and talents. We believe that literature has the power to transcend boundaries and unite people from different backgrounds and cultures.”

The 2024 edition of Ananke’s Women in Literature Festival will create a collaborative space for dialogue and thought-provoking conversations about how literature, art and other forms of creativity produced especially by women, as well as other vulnerable groups can be highlighted, promoted, and celebrated globally via digital documentation, dialogue, and more.

Namrata added: “Together with Ananke WLF, we are not just telling stories; we are shaping narratives, challenging stereotypes, and empowering women through the written word. This collaboration embodies our shared values of empowerment, diversity, and literary excellence.”

“I look forward to the meaningful impact we can create together. Together, we will inspire, provoke, and ignite conversations that resonate with readers around the world,” she concluded.

“As our core value states, Ananke and by extension all its events including the Women in Literature Festival, serves as a vehicle to celebrate, nurture, and amplify voices that may otherwise not find safety and security to be brave, and that the platform’s fundamental value system is driven by principles of inclusion, non-violence, intersectionality and dismantling systemic violence. This cannot be achieved if we work in silos.”

“Working together as a collective, we are actually able to create spaces that uphold, celebrate and promote peace, tolerance, inclusion and equity. Kitaab is an organization that advocates similar values and it is an immense pleasure working with the organization and especially with its visionary editor, Namrata. I can’t wait for our audience to experience the magic created through this collaboration this year,” commented Ananke’s Founder and AnankeWLF’s director, Sabin Muzaffar.

The fourth edition of Ananke’s annual Women in Literature Festival 2024 will officially open its digital doors on April 23rd, 2024. The digital festival is a flagship event of Ananke’s Women in Literature Foundation.

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