ANANKE’s Editor to Champion Women Economic Empowerment

Executive Editor of digital publication ANANKE for women named among 75 selected by Empower Women.

Executive Editor and UN WOMEN Global Champion for Women Economic Empowerment, Sabin Muzaffar

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- 22 November 2015: Empower Women, a UN WOMEN organization, recently announced 75 new global champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment after a month long rally where over 600 applicants from all over the world took part in online and social media activities.

Dubai-based Executive Editor of Ananke, an online publication celebrating visionary women across the MENA region and beyond, Sabin Muzaffar was recently selected as UN Women Global Champion for Women Economic Empowerment among those handpicked to advocate the cause of women and working for women economic empowerment.

According to “Empower Women is pleased to announce 75 new Global Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment. Their nominations come after a month long rally where over 600 applicants from all over the world advocated for women’s economic empowerment in several online and social media activities.”

Talking about the global champions, the organizations comments: “As part of the rally, the selected champions have reached out to their networks, engaged on online discussions, and contributed resources to various campaigns and initiatives. The new Global Champions represent a diverse group of dynamic and enthusiastic women and men from all regions of the world. Over the next five months, the Global Champions will serve as advocates for women’s economic empowerment online and in their regions and will be involved in a series of innovative initiatives and campaigns.”

Honored by the selection, Sabin Muzaffar, Executive Editor and UN Women Global Champion for Women Economic Empowerment remarks:

“Economic empowerment of women, who comprise half of the population of the world, is critical for the progress of societies. Marginalization of women leads to state, societal, communal as well as individual regression. Not only does it make business sense to economically empower women, it is also critical for sustainable development of countries. It is an absolute honor for me to join this prestigious group of individuals who are seeking to create social impact. I hope to leverage this forum to raise awareness about women issues and all inclusive economic development that can tan trigger positive productive growth.”

Ananke eZine is known for producing some of the most profound, in-depth stories, articles and commentaries relating to issues of female empowerment, women economic emancipation and gender mainstreaming.

Ananke was also selected among the Top 12 finalists in the highly coveted Hadafi competition for women entrepreneurs in the MENA region season 4, 2015. Ananke’s efforts for women empowerment have also been featured in The Moroccan Times.

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