Recognising the spirit of innovation in Pakistan

PIF Launches National Innovation Awards ™ to Recognise the Pakistani Innovative Spirit at MAKE IN PAKISTAN.

Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF) has launched Pakistan’s First National Innovation Awards to recognize and honor Pakistan’s leading innovators – both individuals and institutions/companies – that successfully done remarkable achievements.


The NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN for anybody to nominate individuals and institutions in 12 different categories.

The National Innovation Awards to be given at Pakistan Innovation Forum 2015 – a regular future in the country’s annual conference calendar and the only National Conference focused on Innovation. The Launch of National Innovation Awards gel very well with the conference theme – MAKE IN PAKISTAN – that seeks to promote individuals and institutions who are the tinkerer-innovator kinds and have actually created something from scratch in Pakistan. The NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN for anybody to nominate individuals and institutions in 12 different categories, namely:

  1. Most Innovative University
  2. Social / Development Innovation
  3. Corporate/Business Innovation
  4. Most Innovative Tech Startup
  5. Finance/Fintech Innovation
  6. Civic Innovation
  7. Government Innovation
  8. Health Innovation
  9. Education Innovation
  10. Agri+Rural Innovation
  11. Industry Innovation
  12. Art and Design Innovation

In addition to the above 12 categories, three (03) SPECIAL PRIZES shall also be given to: a Young Innovative Talent Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and a Peoples’ Choice Innovator of the Year Award. Nominations can be made by Nov 30 at:

Speaking at the Launch of the National Innovation Awards ™ Mr. Saad Amanullah Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Innovation Foundation said: “One of the three main streams of our work is about recognizing and rewarding Pakistani Innovators. We often feel there is no innovation in Pakistan and that is not correct. There are many exemplary things that happened in Pakistan from Orangi Pilot Project, to Easy Paisa, and the like and we must recognize those innovators so that the hands of others are strengthened.” “As Pakistan’s leading and only champion of Innovation, the National Innovation Awards is a way for PIF to do that,” he added.

“We have been thinking of doing Innovation Awards to recognize and honor those who took the bold and difficult step of innovation to help advance this country forward. These are the kinds of people because of whom progress happens and they have the true heroes of Pakistan and an inspiration for us all,” Says Dr. Athar Osama, Founder and CEO of Pakistan Innovation Foundation.

National Innovation Awards ™ will recognize 68 years of Pakistani Innovative Spirit and will be the best event in Pakistan to date.

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