CP 2016 presents an enterprising Pakistan

Colors of Pakistan 2016 to highlight artisanal talent with a special focus on women.

November 6th, 2016, Karachi, Pakistan: Highlighting artisanal talent in Pakistan with a special focus on women entrepreneurs, Destiny Enterprises, Merayi.com and Wajood Media launch the groundbreaking Colors of Pakistan (CP2016) event in the southern, cosmopolitan city of Karachi.

Celebrating the spirit of Pakistan and showcasing everything that makes the country beautiful, the event is poised to present a wide array of female-centric ventures and initiatives today, November 6th, 2016, at the DA Creek Club (Karachi) between 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Destiny Enterprises’ Mohammed Haroon, A. Hannan Asif and Waqar Naeem call the occasion, “a day that brings every color of Pakistan under one roof. We have created a pioneering event that exhibits artistic craft, desi couture and beauty products created locally in the country. It is also a place where foodies can indulge in culinary delights from all across Pakistan; emphasizing the epicurean heritage of our diverse nation.”

Agreeing with them, Wajood Entertainment’s Kamran Ata and Adnan Iqbal remark, “CP2016 aims to show the positive side of Pakistan with a goal to bring to limelight a diverse pool of talent, especially women, unable find avenues of projection.”

14914840_785862278221375_1124536031_nIn recent times, there has been a surge of startups and innovative business ideas contributing to the economy and at the same time giving rise to entrepreneurial spirit. With the launch of the event, CP2016 celebrates Pakistan’s entrepreneurial flair by bringing unique projects under one roof: be it small medium enterprises, home-based artisans and entrepreneurs, e-commerce portals empowering women/artisans/entrepreneurs, businesses promoting tourism to disruptive startups with a wish to do something unique.

A digital, artisanal marketplace, Merayi.com’s Riffat Alam concludes “We are proud to announce that 90 percent of our exhibitors are women entrepreneurs, 50 percent are businesses with a social cause, five percent are NGO’S and non profits, five percent are businesses aiming to revive our tourism industry. This is an event that trigger positive, productive change.”

CP2016 is happening on Sunday (today), November 6th, 2016 at Karachi’s (Pakistan) DA Creek Club between 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm.


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