TechWomen Comes to Pakistan!

Pakistani Women in STEM to participate to catalyze change-making capacities.
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TechWomen is accepting applications for the 2017 program. For the first time in the history of TechWomen, the application will be open to women from Pakistan. “We’re excited to welcome them to the community along with women leaders from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia,” says Arezoo Riahi, director TechWomen.

In total, 100 TechWomen participants will arrive in the Bay Area in September 2017 for five weeks of professional mentorship and cultural exchange.

TechWomen pairs women professionals in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with their counterparts at leading companies for a month-long mentorship in their field of expertise. In addition, participants work together to create social impact initiatives and have the opportunity to explore the culture and diversity of the Bay Area.

“Today, we’re asking for your help in spreading the word about the application. Now, more than ever, we want to bring the brightest and most inspired women to the San Francisco Bay Area to amplify and catalyze their change-making capacities,” said TechWomen in a statement.

The deadline to apply is 09:00AM PST (GMT-08:00), January 17, 2017.

Selection Process

TechWomen participants are selected based on the eligibility requirements below. Applications are reviewed by independent selection committees composed of industry leaders and regional experts. Semifinalists may be interviewed by United States Embassy personnel in their country of permanent residence.

2017 TechWomen Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must

  • Be women with, at minimum, two years full-time professional experience in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. Please note that internships and other unpaid work experience do not count toward the two-year professional experience requirement.
  • Have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree/four-year university degree or equivalent.
  • Be proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Be citizens and permanent residents of Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Zimbabwe at the time of application and while participating in the program.
  • Be eligible to obtain a U.S. J-1 exchange visitor visa.
  • Not have applied for an immigrant visa to the United States or participated in a visa lottery in the past five years.
  • Not hold U.S. citizenship or be a U.S. legal permanent resident.

Preference will be given to applicants who

  • Demonstrate themselves as emerging leaders in their chosen professional track through their work experience, volunteer experience, community activities and education.
  • Are committed to return to their home countries to share what they have learned and mentor women and girls.
  • Have limited or no prior experience in the United States.
  • Have a proven record of voluntary or public service in their communities.
  • Have a demonstrated track record of entrepreneurialism and commitment to innovation.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to participate in exchange programs, welcome opportunities for mentoring and new partnership development, and exhibit confidence and maturity.

TechWomen encourages people with diverse backgrounds and skills to apply, including individuals with disabilities.

Women committed to addressing concerns of global climate change and environmental issues are particularly encouraged to apply.

Selection Timeline

The 2017 TechWomen application will be open November 15, 2016, through January 17, 2017. Semifinalists will be contacted via email in/around March 2017. Final decisions will be made no later than early May 2017. All applicants will be notified of the results of their application.


This brief guide is intended to serve as a reference as you plan and host an event promoting TechWomen and the 2017 application!

  1. Gather your hosts

Get together with other TechWomen alumnae to identify and delegate tasks to plan the event. If you would like a list of all TechWomen alumnae in your country, contact Molly at

  1. Confirm a venue

A TechWomen event can be hosted in many different locations: your office, a friend’s office, your home, like-minded companies or associations or perhaps a community organization or museum. You may also want to consider partnering with the U.S. embassy in your country to host an event! Embassies often can help identify and/or provide resources, event space, publicity, etc.

  1. Create and send invitations

The invitation should reflect the type of event you will host. Invites via

Facebook and email are effective, and it is helpful to remind people via Twitter or other popular social media channels. You may choose to pass out flyers about your event in your place of work and/or in other target locations. Websites with tools to create free invitations include:

Note: If you would like to use the TechWomen logo, please contact the TechWomen team for approval.

  1. Prepare your materials

Decide if you will have agendas for the event. For less formal events, agendas are not always necessary. Print copies of the TechWomen flyer (in the Outreach Toolkit); print agendas if applicable.

  1. Plan for refreshments

Small plates (appetizers) and drinks of your choice are a nice addition to any event. Think back to events you appreciated during your time in the Bay Area.

What would you like to replicate?

If you want to include refreshments, be sure to order a sufficient amount of food and drink for the number of people invited; even if some do not attend, it is better to have more food than not enough.

  1. The event!

Arrive an hour or so before the event to set up. Begin the event with some time for socializing, networking and refreshments.

Deliver – or have a distinguished guest deliver remarks about the TechWomen program. Your remarks could include: the mission and purpose of the program, the major components of TechWomen (mentorship, action plan), a brief discussion of your personal experience and an example of other individual experiences.

Depending on the style of the event, use the TechWomen promotional PowerPoint and show the We Are TechWomen video (both in the Outreach Toolkit). These materials help to engage your guests.

Leave some time for a question and answer session, or just make sure you are available to answer questions and distribute flyers to those who are interested in applying.

For more information head to the TechWomen website.


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