She Loves Tech

Global competition with country finalists kick starts today in Pakistan.

Karachi, Pakistan, August 19th2017: CIRCLE, the country’s leading voice in female entrepreneurship, is bringing She Loves Tech to Pakistan.

She Loves Tech is a global competition showcasing the convergence of the latest trends in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

She Loves Tech is held globally in eight countries: Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Singapore, and here in Pakistan. The winners from each country-level competition earn a ticket to a one-week conference and competition in Beijing.

This Saturday, today, 10 finalists selected from a pool of 80 are competing in Karachi for a chance to represent Pakistan on the global stage.

The event features the 10 finalists, all female, as they pitch their ideas to a panel of judges selected by CIRCLE. The judges include industry experts and entrepreneurial leaders from across Pakistan. The winner will be announced during the event.

She Loves Tech Pakistan also features live performers from I Am Karachi: Ata-ur Rehman and Sagar Velji. The duo, one beatboxer and one tabla player respectively, compete back and forth on stage with audience participation. They’ll be joined by Zareen Rehan, a fantastic vocalist from Karachi.

The top 10 are all strong, young women with fresh, innovative solutions for women in Pakistan. Talking about her carpooling initiative for women and children SheKabPK, finalist Hira Rizvi said in one of her interviews: “I realized mobility and accessibility had direct impact on women empowerment.” Another finalist Rubab Zahra of Qayaamdotcom also opined: “I intend to pass on self-confidence to younger women doubting themselves and to never stop learning.”

Judges include Faheem Arif, Head of Marketing and Research – Sybrid Private Limited, Zakiuddin Ahmed – President OPEN – Karachi, Yusuf Jan – Co-Founder and President TRAFiX LLC, Humayun Bashir – Startup Advisor and former CEO IBM as well as eminent tech names such as She Loves Tech’s Global Ambassador Jehan Ara, President of Pakistan Software Houses Association and Guest of Honor Ronak Lakhani – Vice President NOWPDP and Chairperson of Special Olympics Pakistan – SOP.


Saima Khalid – Aurat Raaj (Digital Content for Women)

Faiza Sabir – EDVON (ED tech evolution)

Samar Hasan – Mera Paisa (FinTech for Women)

Anusha Fatima – TrashItPk (Sustainable Development)

Miriam Mehdi – Kafakeyk (FinTech for Women)

Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram – Sehat Kahani (Med Tech Startup)

Rubab Zahra – Qayamdotcom (AirBNB solution for Women travellers)

Hira Rizvi – SheKabPK (Carpool for women and kids)





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