CodeGirls By ConsulNet Launches Third Cohort

The Karachi (Pakistan)-based initiative empowers aspiring young girls through a well-crafted program based on the future of work.

November 9th, 2018, Dubai (UAE):Code Girls by ConsulNet, a groundbreaking program that equips young women and girls with essential skills to work in a technological world, kicked off its third cohort with a jam-packed audience on November 6th, 2018.

Held at the Lincoln Corner, Liaquat Memorial Library in the Southern port city of Karachi, Pakistan, the orientation ceremony highlighted the critical role CodeGirls plays in economically empowering young aspiring women through its wide array of offerings from soft skills including time management, conflict resolution to solopreneurial, financial skills as well as coding etc.

An innovative boot camp launched by ConsulNet in partnership with WomeninTeckPK and UnitedGlobalInitiative, USA, CodeGirls’ boasts 240 participants in total with 120 participants getting ready to start classes on November 12thand 13th, 2018, and 120 graduating in December 2018.

Reminiscing about CodeGirls’ journey, Genetech Solutions’ COO Shamim Rajani revealed plans of expanding the initiative further and taking CodeGirls to other locations. “CodeGirls is a passion project and it could not have been possible without the support of our patrons, partners and collaborators. They have truly been incredible,” she said in her speech during the ceremony. “I truly believe in the importance of dedication, hard work and most of all in our ability to overcome all odds when we make an effort,” she added.

Concurring with Shamim, Founder WomeninTechPk, Faiza Yousuf emphasized the importance of community-building and how it transforms people positively. “When you become a contributor to your community, you are not only an enabler in a larger scheme of things but in the process, you are helping yourself grow both personally and professionally,” Faiza opined. Applying the 80/20 principle in relationships which is 80 percent you give and 20 percent you get; Faiza enumerated the positive role of having an open heart and mind and encouraged the young audience to practice empathetic learning. “Meet new people, introduce yourself, ask them genuine and interesting questions, build relationships on mutual trust and respect,” she advised.

The event showcased two ConsulNet’s success stories: Tehmina Zeeshan & Neelam Raheel, both of whom unanimously agreed the importance of having a mentor, graciously thanking Shamim Rajani for being a very supportive one. Their advice to the participants was about taking the lead and pushing themselves forward despite all odds.

The ceremony ended with Turab Hussain Hemani, CEO – Genetech Solutions presenting a small token of appreciation to the speakers, trainers, mentors and sponsors of the program.

Eminent names attending the event, included Turab Hussain Hemani (CEO – Genetech Solutions), Sana Hussain (Head of HR – 10 Pearls), Umme Kulsoom (VP – Hunar Ghar Walfare Organization, RJ – FM100), Danish Ejaz (Managing Director – Madvertisingpk)and Shahid Rawjani (Hyderi Benevolent Trust).


CodeGirls is accepting applications for its 4thcohort and you can get all the details here:




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