Sustainable fashion campaign launched in the UAE

Dubai-based fashion designer ASMARAÏA launches newest fashion campaign named Nocturnal Animal.

February 17th, 2019, Dubai (UAE):  Homegrown Dubai-based designer and fashion label ASMARAÏA launches her latest fashion campaign named Nocturnal Animal featuring her latest collection focusing on sustainable metropolis chic-style, feline-inspired 2019 collection shot at Dubai’s wellness center, vegan cafe, concept shop and garden oasis Life’n One.

The fast rising Dubai brand, works with more environmentally-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and faux fur as well as supporting fair trade in its supply chain to show her support on the fashion industry’s campaign to be cruelty-free and promote sustainable fashion.

The designer used a variety of colorful leopard printed suits, shimmering turtle neck blouses, checkered fabrics, faux fur, and animal skin printed robes and athleisure-inspired pajamas.

Commenting on her latest campaign, Founder and Creative Director of ASMARAÏA, Miss ASMARAÏA said: “The aim is to introduce a fashion trend that does not need to harm animals or any other things that destroys the environment. I have used animal prints as a symbol of my love to the animals particularly to our feline friends. I believe that felines have independent character, they are open to new experiences, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism which symbolizes my idea of bringing a new collection for women in the modern Arab world who embraces all these qualities.”

ASMARAÏA launched her Middle East debut collection last May 2018 in Dubai during the Arab Fashion Week held at Queen Elizabeth 2 entitled #mydubai. The brand created a phenomenal success among customers from the region with its combination of reverence and respect for tradition with modern luxurious fabrics.

“The brand is positioned to bring traditional Middle Eastern values, culture and tradition applicable to the modern world that we are currently living in. I have adjusted the use of fabrics, designs, cuts and durability on how a modern Arabian woman is living their lives. I want my pieces to be part of their lifestyle, something wearable, not just a one-off, show-off dresses.” added Miss ASMARAÏA.

For more information and worldwide shipping inquiries, visit ASMARAÏA’s Instagram account (@asmaraia_me) or contact at (+971 50-707-1106 – for Dubai and GCC, Global) and (+79160973437 – Russia)


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