Women’s Health and Wellbeing Conference concludes on a high note

The event showcased a series of educational sessions and interactive dialogues that consolidated concepts of human development, medical care and professional development.
During the Women's Health and Welfare Conference held at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

April 30th, 2019, Dubai (UAE):The Women’s Health and Wellbeing Conference has ended on a high note by tackling a wide range of vital issues that directly affect women’s personal and professional life, in the presence of over 70 attendees.

Organized by the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) in collaboration with Mindfulness UAE at the headquarters of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the conference came as part of the council’s initiatives to celebrate the Year of Tolerance and promote the authentic values of tolerance.

The event aimed at encouraging businesswomen and female entrepreneurs to adopt a healthy and more balanced lifestyle that reduces work and daily life burdens. It also aimed at helping female entrepreneurs pursue their careers and achieve personal and professional success.

The one-day event gave participants the opportunity to review the best practices, techniques and expertise in medical care and human development.

It also raised participants’ awareness on meditation techniques, well-being and happiness through a number of educational sessions and interactive dialogues, which highlighted the importance of happiness and improving healthcare in order to attain a more balanced and successful lifestyle.

Al Gurg: Year of Tolerance represents ideal opportunity to merge business skills into values of tolerance.

One-day event adopts key recommendations, highlighting the importance of balance between work and personal life.

“The conference has achieved its ultimate goal of raising the participants’ awareness on how important it is to strike a balance between the personal and professional life,” Dr. Raja Al Gurg, President of the Dubai Business Women Council said.

As part of its objectives, the Dubai Business Women Council seeks to promote the concept of human development within the business community. It does so by helping businesswomen acquire personal and professional skills and expertise that enable them to play an effective role in supporting the UAE’s development process, Al Gurg added.

She noted that the Year of Tolerance represents an ideal opportunity to merge business skills into the values of tolerance established by the wise leadership in the business environment.

“Tolerance begins with a person’s ability to tolerate himself and cope with life and work pressures through following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining one’s health and happiness. These are in fact the most influential factors in the management of one’s life, family and career. The professional success is undoubtedly the fruit of being successful in running your own life and pressures,” Al Gurg mentioned.

The DBWC President reaffirmed that the conference has come up with a set of key recommendations, most notably the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and tackle work-related tensions and pressures through simple techniques including meditation.

Highlighting the DBWC’s commitment to empower women, Dr. Al Gurg stressed that the council has a rich calendar of year-round events that are designed to promote the best international practices among businesswomen and train them for the next stage of development and professional growth.

The conference, which was organized with the support of Valiant Clinic and PwC Middle East, and it brought together an elite group of experts and speakers who shared their expertise in medical care, mindfulness meditation, well-being and happiness.

In her keynote addresses, Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager at DBWC, stressed that hosting the Women’s Health and Wellbeing Conference is a step in the right direction towards enhancing the participants’ mindfulness so as to become the best version of themselves, capable of addressing challenges, pressures and pursuing the path of success, excellence, happiness, health and prosperity.

Halabi added that the conference sends a message from the council to all women that their health and happiness matters and tops its priority. The event has discussed a wide range of vital issues that directly affect women’s personal and professional life and strengthen the council efforts to build a promising future for working women.

The conference began with a special session on “Mindfulness & Self-compassion”  run by Mindfulness UAE, followed by a speech by Dr. Iman Abisourour (Valiant Clinic) focusing on “Preventative Health & Early Detection”.

The first panel discussion titled “Hormones & Reproductive Health: What You Should Know” brought together Dr. Rosalie Sant (Primavera Clinic), Sophie Smith (Nabta Health) andmoderatedby Mariam Farag (MBC Group).

The event featured a special session titled “Yoga: Benefits Beyond the Mat” run by Della Warren and another session themed “Parenting & Social Media: Expert Tips and Insights”, offering a variety of tips and recommendations for parents to address social media challenges facing children nowadays.

The conference continued its series of activities, with a session dedicated to discussing “Pre and Post-natal Depression: What You Need To Know” by Dr. Marie Thompson (Vivamus Clinic).

Themed “Understand Chronic Pain: Psychological science of chronic pain, How Mindfulness can ease chronic pain”, the second panel discussion witnessed the participation of Dr Harry Horgan (German Neuroscience Center) and Bahar Wilson (Mindfulness UAE) as panelists and was moderated by Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager at DBWC.

Three more simultaneous roundtable discussions were also held. The first entitled “Breaking Unhealthy Eating Habits” was moderated by Pamela Durant (Diapoint ME), the second themed “The Pursuit of Happiness: Why You Should Live in the Moment” was moderated by Bahar Wilson (Mindfulness UAE), while the third one “Healing with Homeopathy: Alternative Medicine Gaining Popularity” was moderated by Angela Murlowska(Dubai Homeopathy Health Centre).

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