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UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention to Hold Third Forum for Nursing Leaders. The forum highlights nursing initiatives accomplishment in conjunction with the strategic direction for the upcoming six months.

18th,  April 2019, Dubai (UAE):The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) will hold the Third Forum for Nursing Leaders with a view to evaluating and updating the strategy of nursing and leaders, and the targeted operational plan. This comes as part of MoHAP’s strategic plan 2017 – 2021 and outcomes of “Enhancing the Attractiveness of Nursing Profession” initiative.

According to a communication strategy with all partners, the strategic plan and operational nursing will be carried out twice a year over the next two years. The review includes discussions of various initiatives. During the sessions, discussions were held on making hospitals friendly to nurses, focusing on the working environment of nurses, in order to provide quality, sustainable health care. The sessions discussed the modernization process, providing institutional support and announcing the updated strategy according to achievements and challenges.

Review of Opportunities and Challenges to Achieve the Set Goals

H.E. Dr. Yousif Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Hospitals Sector, shed light on the Keenness of MoHAP to raise the importance of the nursing profession and to motivate locals to be engaged in the nursing career. The Ministry is also keen to strengthen the position and reputation of the nursing profession through the follow-up of continuous evaluation and innovation as per international standards.

Al Serkal stressed the importance of the evaluation and review process to ascertain the success of the current nursing initiatives, and to identify strength and weakness points, noting the significance of reviewing opportunities and challenges to achieve the set goals jointly with hospital’s executive officials and key stakeholders.

He also emphasized the need to bolster and develop the and outcomes of “Enhancing the Attractiveness of Nursing Profession” initiative, under the theme “Nursing is Pride & Creativity”.

Furthermore, Al Serkal pointed to the importance of MoHAP’s nursing and midwifery leadership role to accomplish the Ministry’s comprehensive strategy and National Agenda, where those leaders are showing the prominent achievements at the regional and national levels.

Bolstering “Nursing Now” Campaign

Dr. Al Serkal stated that the UAE’s recent declaration to join the global campaign “Nursing Now” has garnered great attention and support by MoHAP. The aim of this campaign is to ensure the status of nursing in the development of health policies and investment in nursing staff.

“To that end, the Ministry has developed performance criteria and operational plans in accordance with the latest global standards that keep pace with the UAE’s strategy, WHO’S goals and the International Council of Nurses,” added Al Serkal.

Bring About Change and Innovation in Nursing

In turn, Dr. Sumaya Al Balushi, Director of Nursing Department, MoHAP, said: “The aim of planning review is the follow-up and evaluation, in addition to sharing experiences with key stakeholders, nursing leaders and officials in in all institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Prevention in order to carry out the best practices effectively, to bring about change and innovation where necessary, to enhance public perception of the nursing profession and to cope with global trends.”

Dr. Al Balushi explained that MoHAP’s nursing leadership will hold the meetings of strategic plans review twice a year to pursue communication and ensure continued success in partnership with all nursing leaders.

“In order to do so, the Nursing Department has formed a leadership team to assess the current practices in hospitals, healthcare centres, and preventive medicine. The team has developed a framework for the implementation of the strategy and operational plan for nursing to enhance the attractiveness of nursing profession,” said Al Balushi.


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