Stories of Women in the Gulf

New podcast mini-series released for International Women’s Day.
Stories of Women from the Gulf
“A Breath, A Step, A Mirror” – the new podcast series in partnership between and Finyal Media

The powerful mini-series features the stories of real women from Saudi Arabia who have written a letter to their younger selves


March 7th, 2021, Dubai (United Arab Emirates): Unilever’s, the region’s first dedicated purpose-led digital publication that represents the true faces, voices, and values of women around the Middle East has partnered with Finyal Media, a regional podcast network that focuses on storytelling podcasts across MENA, to produce a podcast series in celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day (8th March). Named نفس ، خطوة ، مرآة  (A Breath, A Step, A Mirror), the six episode series delves into the lives of six women from Saudi Arabia and challenges them to write a letter to a younger version of themselves.

 Stories of Women from the Gulf

With many of us looking back on our lives and wishing we could do things differently, each story explores the answer to the question: if you could speak to your younger self, what would you tell them? These powerful stories from the real women of Saudi Arabia are filled with hope, joy and struggle. From encouraging their younger selves to break the mould and reach for higher goals, to those who wished they’d had the confidence to be their own person instead of appeasing other people in their lives, the series is truly a raw reflection of the journeys these women have taken so far and what they would do differently if they could.

The first season, produced in collaboration with Lux, will be launching during the first week of March ahead of International Women’s Day on 8th March. Additional seasons will be launching later in the year.

Sonia Kapoor, senior content manager at Unilever & Miraa lead said “Our mission at is to inspire women to achieve their full potential. We do this by spotlighting stories of women who have broken stereotypes, busted taboos and gone beyond society’s expectation of what is possible. With the launch of our new podcast our hope is that the personal and intimate stories & growth journeys of our hosts inspire more women to look beyond their challenges and rise above judgements to pursue their growth & goals.

Leila Hamadeh, Co-Founder and CEO of Finyal Media, said: “At Finyal Media, we’re always looking for opportunities to connect with our audiences with relatable and engaging content, so it was a pleasure to work in collaboration with on such a meaningful podcast series. We look forward to women across the region having the chance to listen to the series, and we hope these stories will help other young Arab women to grow in confidence and reach their true potential as we mark another International Women’s Day.”

نفس ، خطوة ، مرآة )A Breath,  A Step, A Mirror( is available on all podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anghami, Deezer, Spotify and many more.

About is the region’s first dedicated purpose-led digital publication that represents the true faces, voices, and values of women around the Middle East. Miraa is committed to exploring beauty from a cultural, societal perspective and understanding the definitions and traditions related to beauty in the Arab world. Our platform is made by Arab women for Arab women. Check out or our Instagram page @miraaisforwomen is a Unilever owned platform

About Finyal Media:

Finyal Media ( is an award-winning podcast network which provides immersive audio experiences for young Arab listeners across MENA. The company’s mission is to tell stories that help young people reconnect with the Arab world. Finyal Media’s stories bring the region’s culture and heritage to life and range from adaptations of classic stories like 1001 Nights, Juha and Sindbad, which have been re-written for a modern audience, to historical narratives which look at the incredible stories of Arab cities.

Through their podcasts, Finyal Media reach young Arabs in a medium that is digital and on-demand. Their shows have become hit sensations with young audiences, having achieved over 5 million downloads in the Arab world and five #1 hits on the Apple Podcasts charts.  Finyal Media was launched in 2019 by three podcast enthusiasts Mshari Alonaizy, Majid Al Qassimi, and Leila Hamadeh.


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