Faces Of Resilience

Sabin Muzaffar writes about the intersections of Religious Intolerance, Gender & Vulnerabilities in South Asia During the Pandemic.
Faces of Resilience
This investigative cover story is part Ananke's Special Resilience Edition and is available on ISSUU, check out the magazine here.

The COVID19 pandemic has claimed more than 3.95 million victims worldwide. Nowhere in sight is any kind of respite. With rising death toll, many claim the disease to be a great equalizer. Far from it, the specter has all but amplified and exacerbated invisible as well as pre-existing biases, inequities and vulnerabilities. A cursory glance at the ramifications of COVID19 starkly reveals how it has strengthened systemic and structural inequalities when it comes to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, political status and wealth. Similar to the evolving nature of the virus itself, implications of the pandemic have long moved from ‘physio-social’ to one that is psycho-social and political. Equipped with vitriolic nomenclatures such as the Chinese virus and Corona jihad, the contagion has led to a further dehumanization of the marginalized and vulnerable; further emasculating COVID19 response efforts all over the world including the South Asian region.


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