WEE Global Live and Ananke band together for Girl Summit 2021  

International platform, WEE Global Live is back for the second edition of Ananke’s Girl Summit.
WEE Global and Ananke band together for Girl Summit 2021

October, 2nd 2021, (Dubai: UAE): Joining hands in solidarity on the Day of the Girl, WEE Global partners with Ananke to chart new pathways for today and tomorrow’s generation of young girls.

Ananke’s Girl Summit is one of the forum’s flagship events that brings women to the centre of development with an intersectional vision and invokes a sense of collective responsibility to promote gender equality. This is in alignment with the principal theme of the event, Designing Inclusion for a Transformational World. The summit will be an all day Zoom conference on October 30th 2021, accompanied by a live stream on Ananke’s Facebook page. As with the previous year, the summit will include interactive presentations on a wide range of topics. Themes covered will be education, gender equality, creative economy, climate change, digital rights and cyber safety, disaggregated gender data and mental health.

WEE Global is a female centric platform launched in 2017 by U.N. Empower Global champion Roxana Damas that started out as a live, one-day simulcast global event. It has since evolved to build significant partnerships across the board to support women’s leadership. In the spirit of allyship, the community’s work has created a blueprint for effective action.

With reference to the Ananke-WEE Global partnership, in WEE Global founder Damas’s words “Last year we had a blast putting together a panel of leaders from all over the world in partnership with Ananke’s Girls Summit. Girls are the future of this planet, and we must invest our time, efforts, and finances to ensure the next generation of leaders have the best advantages not only to fulfil their dreams but also to impact the communities they come from with all the new challenges of this century. The WEE Global Live team is committed to building bridges, increasing opportunities for women, girls, and allies to double their influence, and creating a safer world that includes girls’ voices at the inception of a new design of life. Women and girls must be at the decision tables of this new post-pandemic world.”

Ananke Girl Summit, this fall’s top transformative event, focuses on enabling young women and girls to be the architects of social change vis-à-vis digital empowerment.

Join Ananke on October 30th 2021, to witness real change!

For more information or to register for the summit on Zoom, email: media@anankemag.com

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Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash



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