Empowering Women To Succeed Through Learnactive

Founding partners of Learnactive Maha Khatib and Layla Halabi unanimously agree that success in a business is not based on gender.

A culture-sensitive company that strives to capture the uniqueness of individuals and organizations through skill development, Learnactive was established by founding partners Maha Khatib and Layla Halabi. The organization offers a diverse range of training solutions that have successfully enabled the maximum transfer of knowledge ensuring every client’s return on investment.

Keen on encouraging women participation in the world of business and the workplace, the dynamic duo reveals, “We make it a point to encourage our female employees, partners and entrepreneurs to join business women forums and events.”

The importance of learning and training cannot be emphasized enough. Women are gearing to take over the business world, with a report by Booz and Co on “Women in the Workplace” noting that nearly 1 billion women around the world are poised to enter the global economy during the coming decade.

Sufficient attention from the private sector as well as the government are both imperative to boost women participation, and the need of the time is about making real investments. “In our opinion, both the private and public sectors play an important role in empowering women by promoting them for leadership positions, encouraging their education and sponsoring women entrepreneurs. On the other hand, we strongly believe that women, especially professionals and entrepreneurs, should focus on their expertise by investing in education and learning,” opines Maha.

“If you have an idea and are passionate about it, you will surely succeed.”

Talking specifically about women in the Middle East and, by extension, the UAE, Layla is of the same opinion, “The potential is immense, taking into account that women have now started attaining bigger roles in leading businesses, be it in the government or private sector.”

Learnactive offers special rates to members of women entrepreneur organizations in the UAE. The company will also be unveiling plans that include rolling out professional development programs that will help empower women in countries including those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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