Travel Ink Founder on Economic Engagement of Women Entrepreneurs

Travel Ink Founder on UAE’s encouraging environment for women entrepreneurs   Travel Ink is a content consulting agency that primarily supports the travel and tourism industry in their communication...
Travel Ink Founder on UAE’s encouraging environment for women entrepreneurs


KO BWTravel Ink is a content consulting agency that primarily supports the travel and tourism industry in their communication activities. Managing Director of the company, Karen Osman talks about the UAE’s highly encouraging environment for women entrepreneurs and how their participation can play a pivotal role in the economic activity of the country.

1. In your opinion, what role has the public as well as private sectors played in promoting women entrepreneurship?

Living in the UAE, there are fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurship, and women are able to take advantage of this by creating their own companies, having access to financial assistance as well as being able to attend various training and networking events. It is this accessibility that encourages women to become entrepreneurs.

2. How can women entrepreneurs contribute to the economic activity of the country?

Entrepreneurs, regardless whether male or female, are stimulating the UAE economy. We are creating new businesses, creating jobs, intensifying competition and essentially increasing productivity, which directly translates into high levels of economic growth. Entrepreneurs also provide a platform whereby they can discover, offer and enable untapped creativity and skills.

3. What potential does the Middle East and by extension the UAE have as far as women entrepreneurship is concerned?

Although women entrepreneurs are well established in the region, there is still a lot of room for growth. By providing the tools to grow their business, there is so much potential in the UAE and beyond.

4. Does Travel Ink encourage women participation in the world of business and at workplace, how?

Setting up the business myself as a woman, I was inspired by many other female entrepreneurs and was keen to learn how they managed to balance work, family, children as well as trying to find a little ‘me’ time! So in that sense I was encouraged to participate in the world of business and hope I have done the same for others as well.

5. How has your organisation empowered women?

At Travel Ink, we have a number of female writers and by offering flexibility and the ability to work from a place of their choosing, as well as extensive use of technology, this provides them with the freedom to balance and organize their lives as they wish.

6. What is your vision for your organisation and women empowerment?

My vision for Travel Ink is to grow the business by providing engaging content to clients across the region. We can only do that by tapping into the local talent to continue providing the high levels of service and quality. By reaching out to women, being role models and mentors, working together and supporting each other, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

7. What message do you have for women who a.) are striving to carve a niche for themselves in the corporate world b.) looking for alternative means of employment/vocation?

Go for it but take calculated risks. Take the time to discover what you enjoy doing, what your skills are and how they can serve the market as well as the reasons why you want your own business. It’s not an easy path but it is an exciting one, requiring hard work, patience, and dedication – it will probably be the most gratifying work experience you will ever have.


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