The 8th Annual DIAMUN hosts women & development event

Students from around the world focus on Middle East issues with Women and Development: Investing in Our Future as 2016 theme.

Dubai, 16 March 2016: DIAMUN 2016 – the Dubai International Academy’s Model United Nations, a yearly event starts today and will run until March 19th. Over 800 middle and high school students from 45 schools around the world will discuss issues around the theme “Women and Development: Investing in Our Future”. The conference will take place at the American University in Dubai and at the DIA school campus.

Entirely led by students, DIAMUN now in its eighth year is one of the Middle East’s first THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) affiliated conferences, and the only one in the United Arab Emirates. Student delegates have come together from the GCC, Jordan, Zimbabwe and Uganda for the conference.

Poonam Bhojani, CEO of Innoventures Education comments, “DIAMUN gives students the opportunity to debate global issues in a setting that mimics the real world, and gives them a stepping stone to the world of diplomacy. The conference motivates students to analyse, think critically and discuss globally relevant topics in human rights, conflict resolution and the environment. When students prepare for a Model UN conference, they develop skills in writing, analytical research, public speaking, reconciliation and collaborative problem solving.”

DIAMUN 2016 features 14 committees that will discuss topics under the theme of Women and Development – the migrant crisis, human rights legislation and even Iran’s right to nuclear power.  Out of these 14 committees, the League of Arab States will be held in Arabic. Student delegates will discuss issues relating to Arab welfare, security, and regional stability.

At the DIAMUN conference, students will negotiate and produce resolutions (similar to the legal documentation produced at the UN) on complex topics, thereby creating a very high level of student work modelling the work of real diplomats and leaders in today’s world.

Suhail Mayor, 17, DIAMUN President of the General Assembly 2016, comments on his experience, “MUN serves as a platform for personal growth and global diplomacy. DIAMUN acts as a catalyst for social development and helps to transform individuals in the best way possible. Through my time with this rigorous program I have learned the value of networking and mutual cooperation. I believe that this provides us with a voice and opportunity to inspire future leaders.”

Ashish Tharoor, 16, DIAMUN Secretary General 2016, adds, “MUN brings the youth one step closer to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.”


IMAGE: Poonam Bhojani, CEO of Innoventures Education

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