AFLEE COMMUNITY: Nurturing Women’s Empowerment

UN Women’s Empower Women Champion for Change 2016-2017, Josephine Adeti launches her initiative that raises awareness about women’s economic participation in Kenya.

Adityas Financial Literacy and Economic Endowment (AFLEE) is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness about women economic participation in Kenya among university students.

Talking about the program, Josephine Adeti – an Empower Women Champion for Change explains: “We increase awareness by engaging with the students in person and also using social media platforms. Our core vision is to be part of a world where all women are economically empowered.”

AFLEE is made up of twelve enthusiastic individuals; Josephine, Barbara, Ian, Noreen, Maureen, Leonard, Daisy, Claire, Fidel, Jehui, Charity, and Mildred. “Together, we have come up with creative ways of spreading the message about women economic empowerment. Since we began our activities officially on February 7th, 2017, we have been able to establish our presence in all social media platforms. We are available on Facebook as AFLEE Community, on Twitter as @AFLEEComm and YouTube as AFLEE Community. We have also created an interactive website where community members share their contributions. We believe no amount of effort is ever too small to raise awareness. We also have a WhatsApp group that currently has fifty university students’ members, and we are set to grow,” remarks Josephine.

“We don’t have to see the whole staircase, and we are taking the first steps boldly in faith.”

Using these platforms, AFLEE’s members write articles, contribute to Facebook posts, design interactive videos and participate in various tweet chats. “We have written an enlightening article, Awakening People through Women which comprehensively discusses the role of standardization in promoting women economic empowerment. We are also set to join Ananke and Circle on their ground-breaking tweet regarding women in science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM),” says Josephine.

AFLEE has recently taken a bold step to invite women trailblazers in various professions to speak to the entity’s audience on its social media platforms! “We are greatly thrilled by this idea which has been very recently launched. We hope and pray that AFLEE shall grow to reach out to single and teenage mothers, women living with disabilities and women living on streets soon. We want to pass the critical message that it is possible for all women to be economically empowered regardless of their prevailing circumstances. We don’t have to see the whole staircase, and we are taking the first steps boldly in faith,” concludes AFLEE’s Founder, Josephine Adeti.

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