She Sees

The Fred Hollows Foundation campaign advocating equal right to sight
She Sees
Alo sits on her bed in the recovery ward after receiving an operation on a cataract in her eye by Ophthalmologist Dr Mohammad Kamrul Islam in the Opthalmology hospital in Chittagong, Bangladesh on January 28, 2014. Alo is 27 years old and a former garment worker. She has bilateral cataract and is undertaking an operation on the eye on Monday 27th January. She moved to Chittagong with her husband after they were married and she began to work in a garment factory to help support the family. She had to give up this work when her eye sight began to fail. She cannot undertake household tasks such as sewing, sorting rocks out of the rice, teaching her son and cooking and is very distressed. She feels that the operation on her eye will help her regain her life. Her husband has been very supportive in helping her through this difficult time.

The Fred Hollows Foundation works in more than 25 countries with a vision to eliminate avoidable blindness. The entity has not only restored sight to 2.5 million people, it works towards ensuring access to quality health services.

The Foundation is not-for-profit, politically unaligned and secular entity that offers support, training, research and advocate about ending blindness in addition to restoring sight of millions of people.

One of the foundation’s key campaigns “She Sees” raises awareness about the discriminatory gender dynamics of blindness. To know more, check out their campaign booklet below.



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