Women’s History Month Special: Creating HERstories

Celebrating Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Ananke showcases amazing women in tech as role models and documenting their achievements.
Women’s History Month Special: Creating HERstories
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Greeshma Sripada – Intelligent Process Automation Developer at Proven Consult

Women’s History Month Special: Creating HERstories

Greeshma Sripada, Intelligent Automation Developer for Proven Consult

Greeshma Sripada is an Intelligent Process Automation Developer at Proven Consult based in our Bangalore, India Office.  With almost six years’ experience in the field of business process automations and robotics process automation implementation RPA Greeshma sets the expectations high in a very competitive industry. She offers her team high quality performance and credibility, ensuring their clients’ needs a met.  Her experience includes, feasibility study and logic building, trainings and developing automations based on business tools.

She interacts easily with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional levels and possesses excellent interpersonal relationship skills.

Her specialities include: Automation Anywhere, UiPath, RPA Business Analysis – Feasibility study & ROI, Excel VBA macros, SAP & VBA automation, SAP BW reporting, SAP Production Reporting, UI design, web crawlers, MS Access DB for forms.

Celebrating Women’s History Month and Women’s Day, Greeshma Sripada: “With each passing year, women have created a niche for themselves in almost every field known to humankind. Women’s dynamic solution-thinking coupled with avid sensitivity makes them a unique addition to any work environment, transforming our society into a more inclusive one.”

Jennifer Odogwu – Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Mimecast

Women’s History Month Special: Creating HERstories

Jennifer Odogwu – Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Mimecast

Jennifer is the Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Mimecast, responsible for the design, delivery and execution of Mimecast’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals across their 12 offices globally. She spends her time designing and re-designing inclusive approaches to talent attraction, recruitment, advancement, and employee engagement, whilst partnering with Business Leaders to challenge the status quo and facilitate culture change.

Her career experiences span FTSE 100 companies (incl. Deloitte, Pfizer, UBS) with expertise in Talent Management, Executive & Leadership Development and Diversity & Inclusion.

Jennifer is driven by a sense of purpose to create equitable and enjoyable workplaces that cater to all. Spending the past 12 years in the Corporate world, Jennifer understands the unique pressures that come with being an Underrepresented minority in the Workplace and the importance that workplace culture plays in allowing all to feel comfortable, safe and thrive.

She has an MSc in Human Resource Management and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development.

Giving career advice for women who want to pursue a career in the tech industry, Jennifer said: “Recognise that tech is broad! People automatically think it’s only about tech roles and we all need to be experts in python, with a computer science degree, from a top university. Whilst this is an amazing career path, the industry offers a range of other cool career opportunities beyond traditional tech roles, such as marketing, communications, product design, etc. Keep an open mind, figure out what you’re passionate about and take steps to learn about this career. I personally love LinkedIn as a career hub – you have access to a range of professional profiles and career experiences at the click of a button. Find a career you’re curious about, view a person’s profile who matches this, and have a look at their experience – even introduce yourself. Most people are happy to share their story and provide tips.

For those keen on a career specifically in tech, there’s never been a better time to learn more about it and develop the skills to equip you for entry. There are amazing bootcamps and networks you can join, particularly those targeting diverse individuals, to help you learn tech specific skills – BlackCodHer; WomenWhoCode, WomenTech; are just a few you could checkout!”


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