HER ALLIES A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy

Offers men the strategies they need to become powerful advocates for gender equality

Archna Sharma, publisher at Neem Tree Press is excited to be publishing this highly topical book on male allyship by Hira Ali https://advancingyourpotential.com/. As the https://www.everyonesinvited.uk/ project, regular reported assaults on women and very visible and thick glass ceilings demonstrate, simply wishing for gender equality is not enough. HER ALLIES provides a much-needed practical guide to achieving this goal. It asks us to evaluate our behaviour and invites us all to make changes in our speech or actions that engender an atmosphere of equality. At its heart HER ALLIES appeals to our better natures to be thoughtful, helpful, kind and generous to our fellow human beings, wrapped up in a practical toolkit. It doesn’t suggest grand gestures, but rather effective change in our day-to-day interactions with each other. The book is published in the UK on June 30 2021.

HER ALLIES A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy

Hira Ali

Hira Ali is a successful writer, leadership coach and equality campaigner. She has won many prestigious awards. She says, “I am very excited that Neem Tree Press has decided to publish my book, this topic is very close to my heart. In the current climate, post Sarah Everard’s painful and shocking incident, the creation of ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website there has been an increasing need for conversations around male allyship. My recent article published in Forbes for IWD Choose to Challenge has over 21000 reviews and generated a lot of enthusiasm in potential allies who are eager to dial on inclusion efforts and learn how to begin this journey on their own. The book makes this journey easy by breaking it down into four progressive steps. It will equip the readers with strategies to become inclusive allies. They will learn tools to become powerful advocates for equality and inclusion for all. Readers are going to start off by learning every day actions which they can take on their own and will then move on to learn how they respectfully challenge others, and ultimately, organisations culture and policies.


HER ALLIES A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through AdvocacyAllyship has increasingly played a key role in supporting marginalised groups who are continuously short-changed by justice and equality. Each individual views the world through their own tinted perspective, which could be the same, or different, from yours. Authentic and active allies acknowledge this and know that while you can’t understand all viewpoints, you can be open to learning, improving and changing by building self-awareness to foster fairness in everyday interactions, free from assumptions and biases. When you become an ally, you will embrace that allyship is a process, a journey of development and evolution.

BCG—Boston Consultant Group’s worldwide data indicates that among companies where men are actively involved in gender diversity, 96 percent report progress. Conversely, among companies where men are not involved, only 30 percent show progress. Luckily, most men are already well aware of the impact of gender bias and the methodised sexism that women experience. They understand these negative effects from women in their circle and these very men are eager to dial-up inclusion efforts but they don’t know where to start. If this resonates with you, this book has been written for you. This allyship guide leverages your genuine proclivity to do better. It encourages you to venture into bold conversations and enter unchartered territories. It also equips you with gender intelligence that makes you an equality advocate both privately and publicly.

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