TAP Africa Announces Call for Changemakers

The organization aims to scale the initiative’s impact by inviting people to become DLEEP Ambassadors.
DLEEP Empowering Students
DLEEP Empowering Students.

TAP Africa –a youth-focused initiative that exists to tap and develop the potential of young people as agents of change in their communities, is inviting changemakers across the globe to help support its groundbreaking, successfully running flagship program, Digital Literacy for Employability and Entrepreneurship Project (DLEEP).

Through the call, the organization aims to scale the initiative’s impact by inviting people from all over the world and all walks of life, whose passions are aligned with efforts to digitally empower young people living in poverty and marginalisation. It is a call for people with a vision to create a sustainable, fair and thriving community by donating their time, efforts and funds for an impactful, social good activity to enable these young people access hard-to-get skills and knowledge and kickstart their journeys of economic empowerment.

The crowdfunding event will go live via the  Indiegogo platform, allowing TAP Africa to fuel their successfully launched program DLEEP. The program equips young people, 70% girls, in rural Kenya with high on demand digital and entrepreneurial skills in order to help them to unlock limitless opportunities for education and economic empowerment, hence, enabling each one of them to sustainably escape enslaving poverty that characterizes their upbringing.

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Calling Change Makers For Ambassadorship

TAP Africa is calling all changemakers from across the globe to help our crowdfunding campaign AND by extension our youth empowerment program DLEEP reach full circle. Crowdfunding Ambassadorship is a short term leadership role through which our social impact initiative can gain traction. This will be done via community outreach and fundraising techniques.

It is no rocket science that “four hands are better than two” and yes, it does take a village to do good, so with more support we can reach and even surpass our goal of $ 17550.

Ambassadors will be TAP Africa’s DLEEP Program representatives who will serve a very important role in our overall mission, ultimately helping us in our long term project completion.


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About DLEEP;

TAP Africa – a youth-focused initiative that exists to tap and develop the potential of young people as agents of change in their communities in Kenya, seeks to address the high rates of youth unemployment, by enabling young people, especially girls, between 15 and 25 years, to procure high on demand technical skills and knowledge, they require to become gainfully employed and ultimately, create employment opportunities for others, through application of the entrepreneurship skills learned as part of the project.

DLEEP’s main goal is to run free ICTs training to reach its goal of 500 young people, 70% girls,  by the end of 2020 and scale this number to 1000 in the next two years.

According to founder TAP Africa, Gladys Muthara: “Through TAP Africa’s DLEEP project baseline survey, we found out that only three young people out of 15 knew what the internet is. Equally, it is extremely rare to find a girl who knows how to navigate the web. In a secondary school with more than 400 young people, only a handful can claim to have ever interacted with a computer. Additionally, many do not know what emails are, much less to type anything on a word document. The situation worsens as reality hits your door, that most teachers are equally computer illiterate!”

Talking about some of the urgent needs direly required to boost the program, Gladys’ revealed: “But while our determination is unfailing, we are faced by one key challenge: inadequate access to computers/ laptops, which partly makes the girls frustrated. We URGENTLY need 10 used/new laptops.  Now we have 3 laptops and 4 desktops, which the beneficiaries have to share during classes. An additional 10 laptops would, therefore, mean that we can comfortably train 20 young people every semester, per school. It also means that our trainers can reach more girls in other schools, since laptops  are portable. An additional 15 desktops would also be required to establish our Digital center, besides, a printer, photo-copy machine, scanner, camera, from where our students will engage in learning advanced tech skills such as coding and graphics design, as well as paid internships, and entrepreneurship workshops. Even before we can start, our Coding classes have already received a major boost through donation of a brand new coding robot-Lego Mindstorms EV3 by Roopa Somayaji and Clara Fallone in Canada. This will go along way in building our girls’ confidence in advanced tech besides making learning how to code fun and simpler.”

About TAP Africa;

TAP Africa exists to tap into and develop the potential of young people as agents of change in their communities. Through our work, we engage young people, especially girls, in learning and addressing social challenges in Kenya, such as Gender Based Violence and Youth Unemployment.

The organization’s mission is to educate, nurture, and engage Africa’s young people to address social issues affecting them and their communities. TAP Africa’s vision is to raise a generation of socially aware, responsible, and proactive young agents of social change.


Friends, are you a #Changemaker? Have you ever desired to be at the Frontline leading change and supporting communities to thrive? Imagine, living in a community where a young person, a young girl in high school has never even touched a computer? Now, we all know how vital the ability to use a computer, an Ipad, a tablet, even a smart phone is at this time. These important tools are literally, a gateway to limitless opportunities for education and economic empowerment. For a young person getting education in a Local Day school in Kirinyaga County in Kenya, access to these tools and skills is practically impossible. A situation that will break your heart because we know how limited this young person's life can be. It is not just One but THOUSANDS of young people. We can't allow this to continue. We know you won't either. That is why after months of piloting our groundbreaking program dubbed "Digital Literacy for Employability and Entrepreneurship (DLEEP)" we are here to tell you the NEED is even bigger than we ever imagined! And we cannot do without you, WE NEED YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ON BOARD, to make this DREAM come true for many young people in rural Kenya! Sign Up to be our #Ambassador today and let's do this together! TO SIGN UP, click here.



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