Effects And Impact of COVID19 on Civil Society Organizations

Ananke schedules a webinar to discuss the critical need to activate dynamism amid disruption, showcasing a diverse set of panelists from around the world.

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way we see issues, conflict and emergencies. As it disrupts and wreaks a havoc on health and healthcare systems, education, businesses, economies and life itself indiscriminately, we are actually left with no choice but to take it head on.

Needless to say, the impact and effects of the virus have gone beyond everyone’s expectations. The world is not just grappling with the situation; but scrambling to find solutions that can innovatively alleviate the plight of all humanity.

Measures from social distancing to lockdowns is taking place all over the world. These are, unfortunately, upending many grassroots efforts by civil society to advocate and mobilize changemaking.

Keeping this in view, Ananke is organizing a discussion on the Impact and Effects of COVID19 on NGOs – A Need To Activate Dynamism Despite Disruption’ on June 19th, 2020. Timing 9.00 AM Pacific Time, 8.00 PM UAE, 5.00 PM UK.

The webinar will focus on how pandemics like the COVID19 and emergencies change the frameworks and paradigms in which NGOs operate.

Being mindful of the potential risks and dangers not just in terms of health and economics, but also in every segment of society from education, well-being, as well as various vulnerabilities; the webinar will also shed light on innovating efforts and advocacy amid the pandemic.

Talking about the event, Ananke’s Executive Editor, Sabin Muzaffar said: “The current global crisis poses huge challenges especially for civil society that are either forced to postpone and/or put on hold their activities or go digital. We will look into how emergencies can evolve advocacy and humanitarian efforts as well as the role of civil society during and post pandemic.”

The event showcases a diverse set of panelists from all across the world:

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

  1. Bette Levy | Main Representative/NY. Soroptimist International | UN Representative for the World Federation for Mental Health (US)
  2. Faiza Yousuf | Co-founder CodeGirls (Pakistan)
  3. Kerry Gibson | President EcoCentury Technologies | Director Strategic Partnerships ZiphyCare | UN Women Planet 5050 Champion (Canada)
  4. Harriet Karen Mukajambo | Founder and Executive Director Global Learning for Sustainability(GLS)
  5. Dr Ifunanya Lilian Igweze | Founder of Live Mother and Child Initiative 
  6. Jaya Rajwani | MIT Solver 2019 | Technical Lead Aurat Raaj (Pakistan)
  7. Liz Guantai | Women Deliver Young Leader 2020-2022 | Human Rights and Gender Specialist INERELA + Kenya (Kenya)
  8. Mandy Sanghera | Renowned Human Rights Advocate (UK)
  9. Mehr F Husain | PR and Media Manager for Kaarvan Crafts Foundation (Pakistan)
  10. Susan Linda Stasi | CEO, President Rose Academies (US)
  1. Veronica Ngum Ndi | President of the North West Association of Women with Disabilities and Founder, Community Association for Vulnerable Persons (Cameroon)

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