Rose Academies Launches Fellowship Program for Ugandan Youth

Revolutionary approach to healthcare education is set to tackle high infant mortality rates.
Rose Academies Launches Fellowship Program for Ugandan Youth
Image courtesy: Rose Academies

Wakiso (Uganda): Rose Academies – Uganda announced the launch of a unique fellowship program that will bring healthcare education using state-of-the-art technology into rural communities that lack internet access.

Every year millions of infants die before they reach 28 days of life, primarily from preventable causes. Rose Uganda Fellowship Program was specifically developed to address this and other concerns that exist throughout the rural poor communities in Sub Saharan countries.

Fellows at Rose Academies will teach young pregnant women about neonatal and reproductive health using application programs that were developed by our partners at Santa Clara University College of Arts & Sciences and Frugal Innovation Labs.  These healthcare programs work on an Android tablet and are presented in a storybook format with simple graphics. This approach was proven successful in previous studies that show better understanding of difficult subject matter by an illiterate population.  The applications run offline internet and work well in low resource settings.

Rose’s fellows range in diversity and experience and include our disabled colleagues from the Ugandan Federation of the Hard of Hearing.  This program opens the door of opportunity for all Ugandan youth, inclusive of the disabled, to become community leaders that can, and will promote sustainable community development.

Many organizations talk about finding ways to bring technology into remote, rural areas, but we are putting words into action, with this revolutionary approach of taking the public health classroom into the village. 

Rose Uganda’s mission is, and always has been, to remove the barriers that keep the oppressed uneducated. Rose Uganda Fellows are breaking down barriers, empowering with knowledge and saving lives a village at a time.

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