Highlighting Female Participation on Emirati Women’s Day

Celebrating Emirati women’s efforts and the pivotal role they play in the nation's growth, Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies’s (EIBFS) Noura Alblooshi writes an op-ed.
Highlighting Female Participation on Emirati Women’s Day

As a key pillar of the community, Emirati women are playing a vital role in the overall development of the UAE and have achieved many successes in various sectors, especially in the financial and banking sector, thanks to the support and guidance of our wise leadership which prioritised investing in human resources and paid special attention to the empowerment and the development of women across the country.

The UAE has made great strides forward. Today, the country has become a global leader in female empowerment and remains the second most gender-equal country in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, according to Global Gender Gap Report 2022 released by World Economic Forum.

The Emirati Women’s Day, held this year under the theme ” Inspiring Reality.. Sustainable Future “,  is a great opportunity to highlight the country’s journey in women’s empowerment and celebrate their achievements and contribution. This celebration proves that women are active partners in achieving leadership and prosperity for the nation.

Today, Emirati women are increasingly pursuing technical and managerial occupations across all sectors while many of them are being trained to take part in the banking and finance sector and join others who managed to pave their way and reach senior managerial levels, becoming role models for women who aspire to leadership positions.

We at the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS), play an important role in empowering women through world-class training and providing them with the right tools and opportunities to thrive and grow, mirroring the vision set forth by the nation’s leadership.

Emirati women accounted for 32 per cent of participants in the institute’s training courses and workshops last year reaching over 10,000 Emirati Female participants of the total number of participants which hit 32,000 in 2021. While a 27 per cent increase in women’s participation has been witnessed during the past five years which indicates that women are being encouraged to play an effective role in the country’s economic progress.

The author is the Director Program Administration & Delivery Division at the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies

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