• Opinion: Wretched Humanity

    Opinion: Wretched Humanity

    Ashen faces of children not opening their once sparkle-filled eyes, ashen faces of mothers who have lost their babies, fathers desperately digging to find life underneath the rubble. Only to find muffled screams, lifeless bodies – passing on, leaving hell in the hopes to find heaven? A land they...
  • Opinion: Decolonizing Empathy

    Opinion: Decolonizing Empathy

    They fear love because it creates a world they can’t control. George Orwell, 1984 Power has always been an enforcer of fear, hate, division, polarization in order to control. The narrative has always been about us versus them. With the influx of information, spiced with dis-info, mis-info, propaganda and linguistic...
  • Opinion: On the Systematic Poisoning of Public Channels of Information

    Opinion: On the Systematic Poisoning of Public Channels of Information

    Shock waves reverberated all around the globe on October 7th, 2023 when an occupied, colonized and oppressed people – living in the largest open air ghetto – rose in rebellion. There is no going around it. Indeed, there can never ever be justification for taking lives! That said, it...
  • What’s holding women back at Pakistan’s international tech event?

    Half of the population of the world is women. Termed as the next billion, women are touted as the torchbearers of global sustainable development. Reams of paper have been written, scores of posts published about the critical role of women in every sphere of society, be it economic, political,...

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